2 CCC Campers Hurt in Car-Truck Crash

Company 2201V, S-72, Glassboro, NJ

From the Courier Post, Camden, New Jersey, January 4, 1937

     Glassboro Jan 2, 1937 - Two CCC campers were injured when a truck and auto collided at the intersection of Delsea Drive and Woodbury Road here yesterday. Daniel MacNamara, 47, and Vaiso Rabuska, 48, both of New York, were treated for bruises and lacerations at Underwood Hospital. They returned to the camp near here later in the day.

     Joseph Schoenleber, 501 Zane avenue, Northfield, driver of the car in which the two men were riding, was fined $5 and $2.50 costs and committed to the county jail for 10 days in default of the fine by Police Recorder Albert D. Miller. Police say his car collided with the machine of Joseph Stetson, 320 West High Street, Glassboro.

Curator's Note: The age of these men indicates that they must have been from a Veterans Camp. Although there were veterans of both the Spanish American War and World War One in the CCC Veterans camps, these men would have been the proper age for WWI and are presumably veterans of that conflict. It is also possible that they were LEM, or Local Experienced Men, however I suspect given their age that they are indeed WWI veterans. This is reinforced by the fact that there were only two camps near Glassboro, one is Company 2201V, a veteran unit, and the other a african american camp, and not a veteran camp.  I suspect if the men were black that would have been mentioned, although maybe not since this is the North. All indicators show these were men from 2201V.