Roster Company 3888

Camp F-16-CO, Fort Collins, Colorado

From a Thanksgiving Day Menu, 1937

   I am still searching for information on Claude William Potts who served in the CCC's 1937-38 (?) I don't know how long. He was stationed in Fort Collins, CO in camp #F-61-C. Company 3888. I think he was from the Houston area.

   I found a Thansgiving menu from Nov. 25, 1937 which listed the following members on the back:

Kitchen Personnel: Marvin Dunlap, Bulas Spraggins, James Vinson, Kirby Ford, Millard Place, Paul Aragon, Alvin Sims, Herbert Tennyson, Kenneth Boulter.

Kitchen Police: Donald Merry, Tomas Villerreal, Julian Dobyns.

Army Personnel: Jack L. Kerns-Commanding, August M. Booth-Co. Officer,  Harris Wiernik-Camp Surgeon, Harold F. Thatcher-Educational Off.

Technical Service Personnel: Milton M. Wright-Project Superintendent, Donald Smith, John Hoyt, Fred Thomas, Robert Cline, Allen Gerstle, Martin Hanson, Ora E. Long, L. Marshall, Woodrow Wilson, E. McCullough, Fred G. Paulin, Jack Miller, George Johnson, Davis Cosby, Roy Matlock.

Leaders: Marvin Dunlap, Roy E. Fowler, John H. Keenan, Stanton Reynolds, Earnest Smith, John Smith, Bulas Spraggins, DeWitt Terry, John Vermillion, James Vinson.

Assistant Leaders: Leonard Burnett, Ray H. Drullinger, Buford Laxton, Jack H. Butcher, Fred H. Durben, Edward Leach, Melvon Carnes, Paul Gates, Lewis Martinez, Earl C. Casey, Thomas J. Solomon.

Enrollees: D. Adams, H. Adams, E. Appenzeller, R. Arins, R. Berig, R. Berkey, H. Billings, E. Bird, C.L. Brewer, C.J. Brewer, F. Carver, G. Christner, E. Chumley, D.W. Clark, H. Coleman, D. Collins, E. Davis, W. DeBarthe, E. Diamond, M. Dickson, M. Bristow (?), M.Brown, M. Bushnell, W. Carr, E. Durrett, D. Eastin, L. Ebert, V. Ellis, E. Epling, W. Erickson, W. Farrell, A. Fladung, L. Ford, L. Forsberg, T. Fox, F. Frietze, C. Galicia, R. Garbeso, K. Bardner, G. Grossman, E. Hanson, R. Hanson, L. Hare, W. Harjo, L. Harvey, W. Harvey, E. Hays, C. Headley, H. Headley, W. Hein, B. Hubbard, V. Huntley, J. Huss, C. Jarmaillo, W. Jessen, R. Johnson, A. Keefer, L. Kershner, M. Kinnaman, G. Kinser, H. Korth, V. Knoll, A. Kroger, E. Kuehl, F. Leachman, B. Leyba, V. Libby, J. Lorenzini, R. Maerz, T. Manion, F. Marquez, S. Mars, D. Martin, L. Martin, M. Martinez, W. Martinez, T. Masterson, S. McBride, M. Meineke, D. Morehead, R. Morehead, E. Moss, H. Naibauer, A. Nash, W. Noell, E. Osterhoudt, L. Owens, P. Paulson, W. Peake, B. Peterson, K. Plumlee, R. Pope, C. Potts, M. Ramos, H. Renke, H. Renke, A. Rivas, F. Schaefer, J. Schell, G. Schmitz, J. Shoemaker, D. Shumway, F. Shumway, N. Smith, E. Snowden, F. Staber, G. Stafford, H. Stroh, L. Stroh, L. Taylor, R. Taylor, E. Thumann,C. Troxel, R. Uhrich, E. Vandel, R. Varney, R. Vigil, N. Walker, A. Wayman, F. Weiss, W. Winsor, R. Wittulski, K. Wolfe, B. Worthley, J. Wyatt, F. Zortman.

   I hope this can help someone. I would be interested in hearing from any one of them, expecially if they knew Claude Potts.