History of Supply Company, District G, Fourth Corps Area

Fort Barrancas, Florida

From Memories of District G, Civilian Conservation Corps, 1934

By Leader Walter B. Joseph, Jr.

The Supply Company was officially organized in the spring of 1933, Thirty young men, eager to get a new grip on life and glad to have the opportunity to participate in a new and unique kind of national progressiveness, made up the company. These thirty enthusiastic young men, picked for their sturdiness and technical ability, were assigned to key positions in connection with the District Civilian Conservation Corps program. Each man was designated some specific duty: clerk, typist, messenger, operator, pharmacist, hospital orderly and various others, all requiring diligence and energy. Every man worked in his respective category, under the guidance of regular army officers. With increase demand for clerical and utility work, new members have been added to his nucleus. The present strength of the company is eighty six, however, it is contemplated that the strength will be increased to ninety six in a short time.

Major N. D. Costa, Infantry, the first commanding officer, was with the Supply Company only temporarily. He was ordered back to his permanent station, Fort Benning, Ga., to resume his duties as instructor at the Infantry School. On August 18, 1933, he was relieved by Captain Joseph P. Kohn, 13th Coast Artillery.

Captain Kohn remained in command of the company until January 22, 1934, when he was relieved from CCC duty and assigned to Fort Barrancas as post adjutant. In this short period he won the enthusiastic support of all members of his company.

First Lieut. Ralph W. Russell. 13th Coast Artillery, succeeded Cpt. Kohn as commanding officer and still holds that position. In addition to his duties of commanding office of the Supply Company, he has also those of district personnel adjutant and trial judge advocate, general courts martial. The members of this company will always have pleasant recollections of his sympathetic, loyal and firm leadership.

The members of the District Supply Company are spread out in the various posts of duty. There are men stationed at the post hospital, where a major part of the sick in this district are hospitalized. There are men working in the office of the quartermaster, holding key positions. Other men are doing responsible work at district headquarters. Still others are detailed in the commissary. All as bookkeepers, engineers, typists. Messengers and clerks, trained by regular army officers. All of them moving harmoniously through the day’s work.

In October, 1933, prior to the relief of Captain Kohn, came the second enrollment period. This necessitated a second re-conditioning camp. The personnel of the Supply Company, having been trained for the past six months in their respective capacities, assisted in the processing and preparing some eight hundred and thirty-seven recruits for the CCC. At the end of three weeks, only a handful of the eight hundred thirty-seven remained. These men were selected to be trained for the vacancies left by those of the company who contacted employment in civilian life.

Second Lieut. R. B. Davis, Inf-Res, having recently completed his tour of active duty, has returned to the district as educational advisor. He has secured for the Supply Company classes in the Pensacola Trade School, including bookkeeping, shorthand, typing, show card writing, commercial art and various other helpful courses. Classes are held five nights a week and transportation is furnished by the district quartermaster.

In addition to the commanding officer, Lieut. Russell, the Supply Company had Lieut. Francis V. Rousseau, 1st Lieut., CA-Res., as supply, adjutant and athletic officer. He is assisted in his company duties by Warrant Officer Arthur J. Swain, U.S. Coast Guard. These officers were assigned to the company during the first of the year. They take a keen interest in their respective duties.

July 1934! The end of enrollment for the thirty original members who organized the Supply Company is near. As we prepare to bid them "Au Revoir" we do so with the consoling thought that in years to come they will cherish the memories of the days of hard work, occasional nights of gaiety and months of fellowship, spent in the ranks of the Supply Company of District "G", Fort Barrancas, Florida.


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