CCC Contributions to Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Company 1824V, Camp SP-15, Company 1828V, Camp SP-14, Company 1829V, Camp SP-13, Company 1821V, Camp SP-16, Company 2876C, Camp SP-16, Company 2875C, Camp SP-14, Company 894, Camp SP-14, Company 856, Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

     The CCC contributions at Palo Duro Canyon were made by the following Companies at the following Camps.

SP-15 1824 (V) 7/12/33 to 4/34

SP-14 1828 (V) 7/12/33 to 8/34

SP-13 1829 (V) 7/12/33 to 4/34

SP-16 1821 (V) 12/1/33 to 8/35

SP-16 2876 (C) 8/35 to 1/36

SP-14 2875 (C) 8/35 to 12/36

SP-14 894 (J) 10/36 to 12/20/37.

     Palisades State Park (no longer a park) was developed by the CCC. It is also in Palo Duro Canyon. Company 856 was stationed there from June 21, 1933 until Dec. 2, 1933. Some side camps from Palo Duro Canyon worked there during the winter of 1934-35.

     The companies stationed at Palo Duro Canyon did do a great deal of work. They built three rock cabins, 4 rock shelters, the entrance building, the visitor center (called El Coronado Lodge), and made the main road down into the park. They also created trails and developed areas in the park. The main accomplishment was the building of the road. Prior to the 30's, there was no reliable road down into the canyon (800 feet below the rim). There was a great deal of public support in the creation of this park, and there was even a consideration into making it a National Park. That may be part of the reason why we had so many companies stationed here.

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