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CCC Company 1655, Camp Mist, Mist, Oregon & & Camp Tuna Canyon, Camp F-223, Tujunja, California & Camp Pine Creek, Camp F-143, Pierce, Idaho & Jaype, Idaho & Camp Sisar Canyon, Camp F-112, Santa Paula, California & Camp Palouse River, Harvard, Idaho & Camp Himley Lake, Wabeno, Wisconsin


From Sparta Civilian Conservation Corps District, Sixth Corps Area, 1937 Annual


History 1655th Company
Camp Himley Lake


††††††††† Company 1655 was organized at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, on June 3, 1933, with Capt. W. L. Brown, Sixth Infantry, as Commanding Officer.

††††††††† Capt. B.C. Andrus assumed command on June 5, 1933, and under his command the company entrained for the Ninth Corps Area on June 22, 1933, arriving at Camp Mist, Mist, Oregon, on June 26, 1933. The work at this camp consisted of road building. From July 15, 1933, until September 5, 1933, the company helped fight the Wilson River fire, Oregonís largest forest fire. Lieut. Willis, U.S. Navy, assumed command at Camp Mist on August 21, 1933.

††††††††† On October 24, the company moved to Camp Tuna Canyon, F-223 Tujunja, California, under Lieut. T.O. Greene, U.S. Navy, who had assumed command two days earlier. While at this camp, the company helped fight the big Mount Lukens fire and assisted in caring for injured and in cleaning up after the Montrose flood.

††††††††† The company moved to Camp Pine Creek, F-143, Pierce, Idaho, on April 21, 1934, under Capt. W.J. Boland, Inf-Res. Capt. Boland had assumed command on April 16. The main project at Pine Creek was blister rust and ribes control. While at Camp Pine Creek, the company fought the Selway National Forest fire from July 14th until the end of August.

††††††††† The company moved to the Jaype, Idaho, railhead on September 1, 1934, remaining there until November 15, 1934, when it was transferred to Camp Sisar Canyon, F-112, Santa Paula, California. Here the project consisted of road building and reduction of fire hazards. The company remained at Sisar Canyon until May 12, 1935, when it entrained for Camp Palouse River, Harvard, Idaho, arriving at the new camp on May 15th. Capt. M.H. Jones, Cav-Res., assumed command of the company at Palouse River on October 1, 1935, turning it over to Capt. M.S. Carlson, Sig-Res., on October 15th. Under Capt. Carlson, the company started for Fort Sheridan, Illinois, on October 19th, arriving at the Fort on October 22nd.

††††††††† Under Lieut. M.G. Egbert, Cav-Res., who was placed in command on October 29th, the company moved to its present location at Camp Himley Lake, Wabeno, Wisconsin. Here the project is road building and reforestation. A side camp engages in nursery work at the Hugo Sauer Nursery at Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Lieut. Egbert remained with the company until August 7, 1936, on which date Capt. Kirby M. Quinn, Cav-Res., assumed command. Capt. Quinn turned the company over to Lieut. Jos. M. Deeley on October 19, 1936.

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