History of 3660th Civilian Conservation Corps Company


CCC Company 3660, Camp Ghost Creek, Camp F-14-Wis., Hayward, Wisconsin


From Sparta Civilian Conservation Corps District, Sixth Corps Area, 1937 Annual


History 3660th Company
Camp Ghost Creek, F-14-Wis.
Hayward, Wisconsin

          The 3660th Company, CCC, was formed on July 1, 1935, during the expansion program of the summer, with William G. Damerow, First Lieut. Sig-Res., in command. It was assigned to work at Camp Ghost Creek, F-14 (Wis.), situated twenty-seven miles northeast of Hayward, Wisconsin, on State Trunk Highway 77. The camp had formerly been occupied by Company 652 but during the month previous to the arrival of Company 3660, it had only a side camp for fire protection work.

          The work area is in typical cut-over pine land which had burned over several times and grown up to aspen and white birch. Humus in the soil which had been burned was slowly being replaced and the area was ready for a crop of worth-while trees. Thus the work project was built around forestry planting and fire protection.

          Altogether, about 5,000 acres have been planted to white pine, Norway pine, jack pine, spruce and red oak. Three thousand five hundred acres have been improved by thinning and cutting out of diseased trees. Twenty-five files of forest highways and sixty-five miles of telephone lines have been constructed. Four thousand man-days have been spent fighting fires and 105 acres of recreational grounds have been developed. All lakes and streams of the area have been surveyed, game surveys made and deer and bird food planting have received attention. During the summers of 1935 and 1936 a fish-rearing pond was developed and operated.

          H.E. Matthias was assigned to the company as Educational Adviser in August, 1935, and developed a program of work which included academic and vocational instruction and handicraft work in archery, leathercraft, and woodwork. The Forestry Personnel maintained a program of instruction on the job and the officers in charge gave valuable instruction in camp operation and maintenance.

          One enrollee completed one year of high school work and received a diploma. Outstanding work was done in construction of archery outfits and snowshoes.

          Lee W. Fulton, First Lieut. FA-Res., became Company Commander in November, 1936, and by the time the camp was abandoned and the company disbanded on May 30, 1937, he had the camp in a ranking position as concerns appearance, efficiency and general working conditions.

          Company supervisory personnel at the time of disbandment were Lee W. Fulton, First Lieut. FA-Res., Commanding Officer; R.E. Hendrickson, First Lieut. Inf-Res., Executive Officer; and H.E. Matthias, Educational Adviser. M.B. Edwards was Camp Superintendent. The enrolled members of the organization at the time of disbandment were transferred to three companies in the Sparta CCC District; Camp Pigeon, F-42 (Wis.), Drummond, Wisconsin, Camp Brinks, F-5 (Wis.), Washburn, Wisconsin, and Camp Clam Lake, F-15 (Wis.), Clam Lake, Wisconsin.

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