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CCC Company 606, F-40, Florence, Wisconsin


From Sparta Civilian Conservation Corps District, Sixth Corps Area, 1937 Annual



Eleven commanding officers have guided the destinies of Company 606 in five different states since it was organized at Ft. Sheridan, Ill, late in April 1933.

Company 606 went to Oregon in May, 1933, and moved to Camp Little Rock, Palmdale, Calif., in October. In April, 1934, Company 660 moved to Camp Schofield, Headquarters, Idaho; but it returned to California in October, occupying Camp Piedra Blanca, Wheeler Springs. In May, 1935, the company again moved to Camp Schofield in Idaho. Its Western sojourn ended, Company 606 returned to Ft. Sheridan in October, 1935. Northward then to Florence, Wis., traveled this wandering company, arriving Nov. 7, 1935.

First Commanding Officer of Company 606 was Capt. Harry R. Kadlec, Engr.-Res. Then came five officers who were in command for only short periods of time. Capt. E.W. Christensen, Inf.-Res., succeeded them, and he had charge of the company for the longest period of time, from December 9, 1933, to October 19, 1935.

Lieut. H.P. Stevens, Inf.-Res., commanded Company 606 from that date until November 6, 1935. Capt. Kirby M. Quinn, CA-Res., was C.O. from November 7, 1935, until July 31, 1936. Lieut. H.M. Adams, FA-Res., was in command from August 1, 1936,k to October 28, 1936. Capt. Cyrus M. Lane, Inf-Res., eleventh and present Commanding Officer, has been in charge since October 29, 1936.

On May 30, 1937, the official personnel of Company 606, Camp Rainbow F-40 (Wis.) was as follows: Capt. Cyrus M. Lane, Inf-Res., Commanding Officer; Lieut. W.G. Billings, CW-Res., Executive Officer; Martin T. Keaveny, Educational Adviser; Raymond E. Stevens, Camp Superintendent; and John Zaylski, Benjamin Moss, Adam Korbus, H.H. Meives, Joseph Steinfest, Everett Shipek, R.M. Elvidge, and Albert Salisbury, members of the Forest Service.

Work projects of Company 606 have been largely concerned with reforestation. Enrollees have scalped and planted in Oregon, California, Idaho, and Wisconsin. They have built roads and fire trails. They have constructed telephone lines and built bridges. They have snared rabbits and they have planted fish. They have fought raging forest fires in four states. Fourteen men did flood relief work in the Mississippi flood region early in 1937.

Achievements of Company 606 in recreational and educational endeavors have included: Second place in the Sixth Sub-District one-act play contest, February 1936; second place in the indoor game tournament of the Sixth Sub-District, March, 1936; fourth place with a two-man entry in the Sixth Inspection Area swimming meet (first place in diving), August 23, 1936; first place in the Sixth Inspection Area indoor game tournament, March 1937. Company 606 has participated in all the other games and contests held in its area, including baseball, softball, basketball and track meets.

The Pot-O-Gold and La Cucaracha were Company 606s two weekly newspapers. La Cucarach began publication at Wheeler Springs, Calif., late in 1934, and forty issues had been mimeographed when the last number was issued on October 5, 1935.

The Pot-O-Gold began publication February 13, 1936, at Camp Rainbow, and its sixty-sixth issue (Volume 2, No. 21) was published May 27 1937. The Pot-O-Gold received four-star Happy Days ratings for some thirty-three of those issues. More than seventy different enrollees have been staff members of The Pot-O-Gold.


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Company Roster, 1937, CCC Co. 606, Camp F-40, Florence, Wisconsin, Sparta District, 6th Corps Area


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