Roster 606th Civilian Conservation Corps Company


CCC Company 606, F-40, Florence, Wisconsin


From Sparta Civilian Conservation Corps District, Sixth Corps Area, 1937 Annual


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606th Company F-40 Florence, Wisconsin


Reading from left to right –

First Row: David Rux, Lawrence Mecikalski, William Moore, Arnold Werner, Herbert Thomas, Albert HGrezenski, Albin Miller, Clarence Tank, Earl Lawrence, Harold Stelmacher, Thomas Rosandich, Nick Schelbrack.

Second Row: William Szalewski,k Myron Silsby, David Cote, Theodore Reel, Clarence Scholze, Norbert Benkowski, Harold Hunter, Stanley Waskawiak, Derril Trulock, Elmer Wenzel, Orville Budsberg, Rayhmond Nehaus, Frank Van Hout, Paul Wolf, Chester Janiszewski, Earl Wachsmuth, Ernest Conrad.

Third Row: William Shuk, Everett Drought, Benjamin Boruckik, Arthur Collins, Walter Kulka, Clarence Williams, Alvin Johanski, Walter Ziech, Henry Brill, Vernon Sutherland, Layton Baitinger, Raymond Kirchoff, Alton Dunow, Earl Furst, Vernon Cole, Edwarfd Hedmark, Frank LeMere, Ernest Wehausen.

Fourth Row: John Walczek, Louis Strycula, Frank Kutzler, Chester Swank, John Richardson, Allen Deringer, Edward Schultz, Max Gawenda, Earl Chapman, John Perry, Leonard Wiser, Donald Everson, John Trzebiatowski, Victor Czerwinskik, Robert Bjerke, Harold Frank, Charles Valley, Casimer Kurzynski.


First Lt. E.O. Zarwell, KInf-Res – Commanding Officer; Second Lt. Wm. G. Billings, CW-Res. – Executive Officer; Mr. Martin T. Keaveny – Educational Adviser

Technical Personnel

Mr. Ben P. Moss – Project Superintendent; Harry Meives, Everett Shipek, Adam Korbas, John Hammes, Joe Steinfest, Gus Rickel


Reading from left to right –

First Row: William Bessette, Richard Johnson, Adolph Majkrzak, Harry Klisz, George Bailen, Norman Le Duc, Carl Timblin, Floyd Kihl, Clarence Anderson, Raymond Parkinson.

Second Row: William Borgh, Kenneth Porter, Martin Austin, Cornbett Carter, Walter Muszynski, Richard Huebner, Paul Kopach, Jr., Delbert Lillie, Steve Arch, Shylvester Gayken, Floyd Johnson, Maurice Soine, Theodore Kozbiel, Dalton Ossell, Forrest Dreger, Joseph Matyas, Darrell Barton.

Third Row: Leonard Delsart, H. Rozell Bigley, Walter Tveten, Leon Trulock, Frank Mervar, Charles Eggebrecht, Ernest Christian, Goerge Hoving, Herman Schultz, Harold Bierman, George Moehrke, Henry Pipkorn,Clifford Andreason, Chris Beck, George Taus, Nicholas Michaelson, Edward Herrick, Arden Saager.

Fourth Row: Stanley Djubenski, Leo Kauss, Mkilton Gunderson, Wilfred Evans, Chester Smaglik, Marcellus Hinker, Maurice Moriarty, Carleton Hahn, Edwin Barton, Clifford Zimmerman, Vincent Kempen,Clarence Bachmann, Roman Tabaka, Edward Teclaw, Albert Teske, Ellsworth Stein, Bernard Gebhardt, Frederick Osswald.


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Curator’s Note – the listing of “Rayhmond Nehaus” suggests a double key typo of the y and h keys. I suspect this name is actually Raymond Nehaus and note it here as such for the purposes of improving the odds of persons locating his name here on search engines.

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Company History, 1937, CCC Co. 606, Camp F-40, Florence, Wisconsin, Sparta District, 6th Corps Area


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