History of 633th Civilian Conservation Corps Company


CCC Company 633, SP-13, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin


From Sparta Civilian Conservation Corps District, Sixth Corps Area, 1937 Annual



          June 1933. Organized and conditioned at Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

          June 22, 1933. Camp Anasa, Crystal Falls, Michigan. Capt. G.A.M. Andersonj, Commanding. Work on state owned forest lands.

          August 15, 1933. Captain Anderson relieved by First Lieut. A. Vepsala.

          November 20, 1933. Company moved to State Forestry Camp Sagalo, at Channing, Michigan.

          October, 1933, Holger C. Jorgensen joined company. He is now the oldest enrollee in point of service in this company.

          January 4, 1934. First Lieut. Frank I. Guetschow assumed command.

          May 10, 1934, the company moved to Federal Forest Camp James Lake at Iron River, Michigan.

          November 3, 1934, they moved to State Park Camp Graham, Grafton, Illinois. This camp was located at the junction of the Illinois, Missouri, and Mississippi Rovers, approximately where Father Marquette landed on his exploration voyage up the Mississippi.

          Known as “Marquette Park,” the area includes about 4,000 acres, with several thousand acres of submarginal land which will eventually be included in the park. The company built roads and trails, constructed a camp for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and built a large concrete pier on the Illinois River capable of caring for any river streamer. Supt. Kline Grisby was in charge of this work.

          May 23, 1935, First Lieut. M.C. Hamilton assumed command.

          At Grafton, Illinois, a small, typical river town, extremely cordial and friendly relations were maintained with the camp through Mayor Samuel Edwards.

          The baseball team of Company 6333 placed second in the Jefferson Barracks CCC District, and was loyally supported by Veterans’ Company V-1646.

          November 3, 1935, the company, with all property and equipment, was moved by train to State Park Camp Interstate at St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. Work on projects began November 12, 1935, under Supt. Alonzo W. Pond.

          January 4, 1936, Capt. George B. Lowe assumed command, First Lieut. M.C. Hamilton remaining with the company as Junior Officer.

          May 16, 1936, First Lieut. M.C. Hamilton again assumed command.

          The baseball team finished second in the Sparta District League in 1936.

          The winter of 1935-’36 was extremely severe and many of the men found the heavy snows a new experience.

          January 19, 1937, First Lieut. L.W. Johnson assumed command.

          Most cordial relations are enjoyed with the village of St. Croix Falls through the Commercial Club. Interesting work on trails, water systems, and buildings, together with fire-fighting, constitute the work here at Camp Interstate.

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Company History, 1937, CCC Co. 633, Camp SP-13, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, Sparta District, 6th Corps Area


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