Mess Hall, Parade Ground, Flag Pole and Barracks

Camp S-116, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

This is an excellent picture of half the camp. In the center we have the flag pole with nice walkway with cannonball style decorations. The flags flying are the US Flag, and it seems to be a Civilian Conservation Corps Flag. There is also a post frame behind the flag pole which may have held a company sign, or a dinner bell, it is hard to see (company sign is most common, though usually at road entrance to camp). The building in the rear center is the Trade Training Center, where the men would be taught skills in various trades or other educational activities would take place. The benches outside make me think this may also serve as a recreational area or rec hall. The building to the far left is probably the Mess Hall, showers or possibly the Medical Office, Supply shack or other company building. The Building to the left center is probably the Company HQ. The bulletin board outside would have notices to the company including work assignments. The Box is probably the company mail box or a suggestion or reports box. The buildings to the right center and the far right are barracks with a sign over the door which presumably says Barracks 1, Barracks 2 etc. The building to the distant right seen between the barracks is the garage which would hold the company trucks (one of which can be seen to the left of the photo). To the far left distant is another building. This again would be a company building such as the Medical Building, Supply Building, Using Service Office . Housing for the Company Officers is not in the picture but was also a part of the Camp (as are three more barracks behind the camera view and seen in another photo here).

Photos are by Ralph L. Emery, Enrollee, CCCMan, Company 1910, Camp S-53, Sigel, Pennsylvania & Camp ANF-3, Kane, Pennsylvania & Camp S-116, Clearfield, Pennsylvania




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