Camp Montgomery

Company 1471, CCC P-63-Tenn., Clarksville Tennessee

Photo by Spencer & Wyckoff, Detroit (Circa 1934-1935)

A Picture of the Barracks (4), Recreation Hall, Mess Hall, Office, Supply Room, First Aide Room, etc.

The Main cluster of buildings shows four rows. The row on the left is fronted by Barracks 3. Barracks 4 is behind it in the same row and is not visible. Barracks 1 is at the front of the second row from the left and behind it in that row, not visible, is Barracks 2. The Building at the front of the third row from the left and to the left of the flagpole is the Recreation Hall or Rec Hall. The Mess Hall is the fourth row and is to the right of the flagpole. The Log Cabins on the left are from front to rear, Office, Supply (two cabins) and First Aid. Later they built another first aid cabin behind that one which had a room in it so that boys who were sick could stay and be away from the healthy boys in the barracks. The officer's barracks were to the left and not seen in this picture.

Behind the flag pole and between the Mess Hall and the Rec Hall, visible in the background, are the buildings used by the Using Service. One was the office and supply building. One was for keeping vehicles under a shed, the other was the vehicle, etc, repair shop, and blacksmith shop and small storage for mechanical supplies. Behind the cabin used for an office we built a swimming pool. We collected 50 cents from each boy and with other donations and the work being done by the boys we built the pool. To the left and out of the picture we dug out a hillside and made a clay tennis court. The area that looks to be without grass and outside the graveled walkways outlined by limestone rocks later was a very nice grass covered area between the flagpole and mess hall. We built a drinking fountain with stone on the outside and a space for ice on the inside which would allow for cooling and protected from freezing in the winter.

The area to the left of the Mess Hall outlined in stones was where we assembled (lined up) for reveille in the morning at the same time the flag was raised and for retreat in the evening when the flag was lowered. We had a bugler who played the bugle for these events (most times).

The camp was built on the Clarksville, TN City Dump. This camp is completely taken over now by the city of Clarksville with houses over the entire area. The swimming pool walls and foundation is the only thing left and it serves as a basement for a house.

Hobart Parish

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