Biography of Albert "Al" Kossor


    My father, Albert "Al" Kossor, did not talk much, at all, about his wartime exploits. He was never in combat. Instead, he supported the troops by making maps. He was a self-taught map maker who served in the Army Air Corps. He was stationed in Honolulu shortly after Pearl Harbor and was involved in making maps to assist the island-hopping troops in navigating the terrain of the various islands to throw the Japanese off. He told me that he could look at an aerial photograph and, "freehand", compose a topographical map based on what he was looking at. If that's true, he was truly a remarkable soul in that regard. I recall him being absolutely amazing insofar as his ability to figure out how to make and fix things, so it's conceivable to me that he had the ability to translate freely between two-dimensional and three-dimensional thinking.

      He received dozens of patents in his lifetime (35+ years spent working for McGraw-Edison in New Jersey) for devices of all kinds, including a self-restoring battery to be used in buoys (the rocking motion of the ocean washed a salt-water based electrolyte over the conducting plates to produce enough electricity to operate the light indefinitely). He also invented all kinds of things at home in his "spare time." He and my mother were married in Chicago in 1944 and they lived in Kearny, Nebraska until he was discharged from the Army as a Staff Sargeant. While in the Army, I believe he was an instructor in Ju-Jitsu (his grandson is a four-time State champion in Judo in Pennsylvania and has won international tournaments as well). My dad and mom returned to New Jersey in 1945. They had three sons. My dad went home to the Lord in 1992.

----- S. Kossor


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