Biography of Nancy Cahoone

Upper Darby, PA

     On Dec. 7, 1941 I was five years old and remember it so well. My family was at a local diner when we heared the news. At first everyone thought it was a trick like the famous Orson Wells radio broadcast. There was no television, electronics or satellite communications then. I can remember my dad when finally the news proved true; He was 31 years old and said "I guess I'll be going to war." I really didn't understand at the time but I cried. He went down to enlist the following day. He was rejected since his occupation was that of a pipe coverer and he was currently working for the local shipyard, Sun Ship in Chester, PA. The board said his work was too important. He worked there all during the war, so many hours, so many days without a day off. I can remember going to see so many ships launched during the war. It still gives me chills, to this day, thinking about those huge ships gliding down the ramp into the river.

    My dad was a master craftsman when it came to pipe covering. In those days they wrapped pipes with canvas then it was sewed (I still have one of his needles, very long and kind of thick). The asbestos was then covered with muck which was wet ASBESTOS!. Can you believe? He took me aboard one of the ships one time. We went down to the galley; all I can remember is stainless steel every where. He always said the Navy was the service to join. They ate the best.

    I can remember my dad bringing home C rations and can still taste the chocolate and I remember how hard it was to eat. The reason for my letter is to remember all the home folks who gave so much to help those who gave so much.



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