Company 107

Camp by Mt. Greylock, SP-7, Adams, MA also Savoy, MA

       It was 30 CCC men from the 107th Company who, under the guidance of the Mount Greylock Ski Club of Pittsfield, built a mile and a half long expert ski trail on the steep, east slope of Mt. Greylock from August 23 to December 5, 1934. In the 1930's Eastern and Massachusetts amateur downhill ski races were held on the slopes of Massachusetts' highest point and to this day Thunderbolt remains an active ski trail. Other Companys that worked on or around Mt. Greylock were the 111th and the 197th.

      The following is a song written by 107th Camp Superintendent, George O'Hearn, as the boys of the 107th packed up their belongings in Savoy, Mass. and prepared to head to their new camp on Mt. Greylock in Adams.

"On to Greylock, on to Greylock,

On to Greylock at the break of dawn,

We're leaving Savoy in the early morn.

You stand over there in majestic glory,

But you can't fool us

Because we know your story,

Some call it climate, but we call it weather

For we'll stick right through,

Oh, we'll stick together.

So it's on to Greylock, on to Greylock,

On to Greylock at the break of Dawn."

- George E. O'Hearn, 107th CCC Company's

Camp Superintendent (1933)

     The town of Adams is sponsoring the making of a film on Thunderbolt. The film is called "PURPLE MOUNTAIN MAJESTY, A History o the Thunderbolt Ski Trail." It will be a 45 to 50 minute documentary. This is a non-profit venture. Since beginning the film in May of 1998, there have been filmed 7 to 8 hours of interviews with 13 veteran skiers, some of whom are quite famous, and most of whom served in the 10th Mountain Division During the war, an Alpine unit whose members all had to ski. Many learned their skills on Mt. Greylock.

     The film makers have collected 100 still photos and 15 minutes of 16 and 8 mm footage of skiing and racing on the Thunderbolt. They now only have to film the winter ski scenes, conduct 2 more interviews, secure the master and synchronization rights for the soundtrack, and do the final editing. The film's release is scheduled to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the Thunderbolt in July of 1999, although they will have a trailer out in February. The film makers, Big Schuss Productions, have a web page located at:  The first 3 or 4 minutes of the film will be about the 107th Company of the Mass. CCC, who built the trail in 1934 as set forth above.

     The film makers have provided this entire history of Company 107.