Company 260

Camp M-2, Hawthorne, Nevada

CCC Campers Reach Nevada

     Hawthorne Nevada. July 30 - Special - Last Wednesday 189 men of the civilian conservation corps composing the old Company 260 from Weogufka, Ala., arrived here under comman of Lieut. H.W. Ostrander, 392nd Infantry, reserves, to take up their duties in Hawthorne camp M-2. It was originally planned to enroll new men from the New York and New Jersey area for the new camp being established here but it was found that the new enrollees would not be available for some weeks and the old 260th company was transferred in a body to this location. The men who arrived here are one of the older CCC companies with men ranging from new enrollees to veterans of twenty-two months service with 164 of the men originally enrolled from New York and twenty-five from New Jersey.

     The men are quartered in the barracks of Camp M-1 for the time being as most of the men from that company are out in stub camps for the summer season and the new buildings for camp M-2 are just being built by a local contractor and will not be ready for occupancy for some few days yet.

     Curators Note. The foregoing was clearly from a newspaper article, however I have no citation for same. CCC Legacy site shows two camps near Hawthorne, Navy-1 (6 miles S of Hawthorne) and Navy-2 (6 miles Southwest of Hawthorne), started in 1933 and 1935 respectively (two other companies occupied the Navy-2 site but both had the same location given, presumably the same site and therefore not the one being built in the article). While that site does not contain all camp designations, the similarities suggest that these are the M1 and M2 camps mention in the article. Also of interest, the history of the naval ammunition depot at Hawthorne states that a former CCC Camp named “Camp Jumbo” was used to house depot workers during WWII.