Company 3556 D.G. 115

(Division of Grazing)

Greenriver, Utah

Commander: Col. Irwin

     Civilian Conservation Corps camps were allocated to various divisions of the Department of the Interior. Such as FORESTRY -- GRAZING--LAND MANAGEMENT.---AGRICULTURE. We, Company 3556, were with the Dept. of Grazing.

     The primary duties involved wild life management in the Southwest. At the time there was an abundant supply of Kangaroo Rats that were eating the vegetation needed by the wild horse herds that roamed the area. The solution was to poison the rats.

     Work groups of approximately 50 men were transported out into the desert and formed a line arms length (100yds) Each carried a canvas bag of poisoned oats. We would toss a pinch of oats with every other step. We killed thousands of rats. That was just our first assignment it lasted about two weeks. The government found out the HARD way that there were a lot of hungry mouths between the Rats and the wild horses.We took a major link out of the food chain. The other rodents couldn't take up the slack. Thats how so many species became endangered. Eagles Falcons Hawks were used to swooping down for a kangaroo burger.

- Submitted by CCC veteran

----- Ed Braun


1940 Roster of Company 3556, Camp Green River, G-115-UT, Green River, Utah

13 HOURS A.W.O.L.   A CCC Story by Ed Braun about Co.3556

Biography of Ed Braun  Co.3556 member and author of this unit history

Company 3556 Retreat Formation, Photo of Company 3556, Camp G-115, Green River, Utah


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