Company 468

Camp SP-2-AL, Cheaha Mountain State Park, Tennessee

By B.E.E. Gardner

From Memories of District "D" Civilian Conservation Corps

Printed by Park Harper Company and Peerless Engraving Company, Little Rock Arkansas

     Company 468 was organized May 18, 1939, at Fort McClellan, Alabama, from men selected largely from the northern counties of the state. They were stationed there for two weeks for conditioning, during which time they were given shots and plenty of physical exercise.

     On the morning of June 3, 1933, the men and the equipment were transported by convoys to the present camp site which is eighteen miles south of Fort McClellan and nine miles southeast of Anniston, Alabama, and by night a sufficient number of tents had been pitched to accommodate the entire company. The company was placed under the command of Geoffrey Marshall, Capt. (C.W.S), who was ably assisted by F.H. Inngram, 1st Lt., FA-Res., and A.H. Bender, 1st Lt. 69th C.A. (AA) and under their direction the work of clearing the camp site and beginning construction of the mess hall and barracks was begun.

      About June 13th the forestry personnel arrived nd the first day's work on the road was begun. By October 1 the mess hall and the barracks were completed and much had been accomplished toward the betterment of conditions in camp.

     On October 5th twelve men were discharged and twenty-eight replacements were received. The previous officers were relieved by William D. Britt, Capt. CA-Res., and George G. Langley, 2nd Lt. FA-Res.

     In the late afternoon of November 17, 1933, a heavy storm struck camp and demolished the mess hall, water tank, garage and blew the barracks off the blocks. Several of the men who were in the mess hall at the time the storm struck were injured but all of them recovered. The wreckage was immediately cleared away and reconstruction of the mess hall begun and on Thanksgiving Day the men ate dinner in the new one.

     On April 15, 1934, Capt. Britt and Lt. Langley were relieved by Jesse L. Underwood, 1st Lt. Eng-Res., who assumed command. On March 10, 1934, Lt. Underwood was relieved of command by Jack D. Haynie, Capt. Inf-Res., and from duty on April 4th by A.A. Black, 2nd Lt. QM-Res.

     Lt. Black was relieved from duty August 15th by William E. Martin, 1st Lt. Inf-Res.

     Under the able supervision of Mr. O.R. Head, Park Superintendent, much has been accomplished toward the making of a beautiful project, which has been designated as State Park 2. Thirteen miles of road has been constructed leading to the top of Cheaha mountain where the park is located. Cheaha mountain, which is 2,407 feet above sea level, is the highest point in the state of Alabama and possesses great scenic value. A lookout tower situated on the highest point, comprised of three large rooms and constructed of native stone is nearing completion. From this tower an excellent view of the surrounding country which is very beautiful, may be obtained.

     A stone dam has been completed which forms a reservoir with a capacity of 250,000 gallons of water which is an ample water supply.

     Sites are being cleared for the construction of several stone cottages to be built soon to accommodate overnight visitors to the park. When completed the project will be the most beautiful park in the state.

     The company has just completed a very successful season of baseball and is contemplating just as great a season of basketball and football.

     As a result of a recent inspection our company was rated fourth among twenty-eight in the District.

Post Script

The Company 468 Reunion is in June of each year.They had about 30 members attend in 1998.

Provided by Sam King