Guam, 1953


     I don't have any war stories as I was too young for WWII (born 1930) and although I served with the USAF from Dec 1950-Dec 1953, I was a clerk for most of the time and experienced nothing of interest or importance. My only combat experience was to battle the mosquitos on Guam from Jan-Dec 1953. I was an Ace many times over thanks to an unlimited supply of ammo (DDT in spray cans). We got some help from aerial spraying by USAF planes. Thanks to mosquito netting which draped our bunks, we were able to sleep at night even though it was hot and humid. You've got to think how tough it must have been for the Marines and G.I.'s who took the island back from the Japanese in 1944 without benefit of Quonset huts, mosquito netting, and insecticide

   While fighting the enemy. It must have been hell.

----- George


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