CCC Camps in North Georgia

Unknown to Curator at this time if this is comprehensive for all periods

Athens, GA Co. 485 SC-92 & SCS A-1 Camp Sandy Creek

Blairsville, GA Co. 431 SP-2 Camp Enotah - Vogel State Park

Blue Ridge, GA Co. 3430 F-12 Camp Sea Creek

Co. 485 F-8 Camp Wilscot

Buford, GA Co. 5433 SCS-11 Camp Young Pine

Chatsworth, GA Co. 447 SP-15 & SP-17 Camp Fort Mountain

Co. 448 F-8 Camp Holly Creek

Co. 483 F-7 Camp Crawford W. Long

Clayton, GA Co. 458/3427 F-5 Camp Moccasin Creek

Co. 457 F-6 Camp War Woman Creek

Co. 1443 F-10 Camp Gafton

Cleveland, GA Co. 3432 F-14 Camp

Gainsville, GA Co. 3432 F-14 Camp

Co. 5433 SCS-16 Camp

Hiawassee, GA Co. 1443 F-15 Camp Soapstone

Co. 427 P-73 Camp Soapstone

Higdon Store, GA Co. 3431 F-1/F-14 Camp Gunter/Lawrence Young

Ellijay, GA Co. 488 SP-6 Camp Ellijay

Eton, GA Co. 488 SP-6 Camp Holly Creek

Commerce, GA Co. 444 Camp Mar Nov Arm

Cornelia, GA Co. 460 P-79 Camp

Dahlonega, GA Co. 455 F-2 Camp Margret

Lakemont, GA Co. 3429 F-9 Camp Lake Raburn

Co. 1407 F-9 Camp Lake Raburn

Lafayette, GA Co. 3435 F-16 Camp The Pocket

Lookout Mtn., Ga Co. 3434 P-86 Camp Dick Russell

Ft. Oglethorpe, GA Co. 1646 SP-10 Camp Booker T. Washington

Robertstown, GA Co. 456 F-3 Camp Robertstown

Rising Fawn, GA Co. P-86 Camp Cloudland Canyon

Royston, GA Co. 3438 SCS-17 Camp Ty Cobb

Pine Log, GA Co. Camp Rieley

Rome, GA Co. 3435 F-16/F-17 & P-87 Camp Armuchee

Suches, GA Co. 1401 F-1 Camp Woody

Tate, GA Co. 1449 F-2/P-77 Camp Tate/Langley

Toccoa Falls, GA Co. 446 P-74 Camp Kienast