Heaven's Dusty Roads

Autobiography of a child

Circa 1927 - 1937

By E. T. Braun

Copyright 1998 by E.T.Braun. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner

whatsoever without written permission of the author


     How swiftly, silently the years roll by - like an endless river flowing to the sea. Decade after decade seem to pass and yet there was never enough time to stop and smell the roses, or gaze into the summer sky as I did when I was young and agile enough to lie on the grass, staring at the magnificence of the heavens.

     We celebrate birthday after birthday until the candles on the cake begin to create a fire hazard. Most of us are caught up in the ultimate pursuit of happiness we call the "American Dream"

     I seldom gave a second thought to the joys and experiences which my own children encountered during their formative years. When my children were no longer children, but highly educated adults, they suddenly became a new generation who would produce yet another generation.

     When the grandchildren began to appear on the scene my life seemed to take on a new sense of purpose that of relating to them and their offspring the trials and tribulations of my childhood.

     One of the most compelling aspects of growing old, is the almost compulsive desire to relate the experiences of our youth, especially during the period we refer to as "The Age of Innocence" when our days were filled excitement and the whole world and everything in it was a wonder to behold.

     I began this endeavor with the hope that perhaps a copy of my simple story might somehow survive through several generations. Maybe a great, great grandchild will one day discover an obsolete floppy disk stashed away in some dark closet in a box with a few other relics of a bygone era.

     Perhaps he or she will find the story interesting or even hard to believe just what the life of a child was like before radios and the thousands of inventions that have exploded into the culture since W.W.II.

     It was a thrill to chase an ice wagon on a hot summer day to get a handful of chips, in a time when ice cubes and refrigerators did not exist. We ran barefoot down a dirt road which was covered with warm dust 4 inches deep. Perhaps it is difficult to imagine, but every day was a thrilling outdoor adventure. Exploration of our universe is the thrill of living. What kind of gift can you give a child who has everything?

Love is all that really matters.

Heaven's Dusty Roads is a labor of love

With special thanks to Editor-in-Chief

Jerri Alexander who made this work possible

The story consists of 82 type written pages

Printing individual chapters will facilitate reading


Chapter 1   - My Universe

Chapter 2   - My Big Mouth

Chapter 3   - The Stillborn

Chapter 4   - Toby is Killed

Chapter 5   - Move to Norwood

Chapter 6   - Coney Island

Chapter 7   - The Rip-Off

Chapter 8   - Growing Up

Chapter 9   - New York City

Chapter 10 - The Statue of Liberty

Chapter 11 - The Empire State Building

Chapter 12 - Be It Ever So Humble

Chapter 13 - Silent Night Holy Night

Chapter 14 - The Reunion

Chapter 15 - The Sack of Potatoes

Chapter 16 - War Alarm

Chapter 17 - 1940's, A Decade of Despair

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