Biography of Charles Jessup

CCCman c.1936, Company 2325

     In memory of Charles Jessup a member of CCC Camp number 2325. He died Wednesday, May 7, 1969 in Emporium PA (Cameron County). He was born in Clay City, Ind., February 12, 1896, the son of the late Silas and Sara Jessup. He had resided in Emporium for the past 40 years.

     Charles Jessup came to Emporium PA in 1929. He is found to be a member of Crew number 2325 located in Bobby's Runs, NW of Emporium PA in 1936. Company 2325 is the Charles E. Baer Camp (S-144-Pa). Company number 2325 was started in June 1935 from the Old Hicks Run Company. The CCC guys would get into the back of trucks and travel to the site where they would work for the day.

     Company 2325 worked on a variety of projects in the area; 9 bridges, 6 were repairs, 12 fish dams were built and 15 were repaired from flood damage (the Cameron camp mentions flood repairs from the flood in the area in March of 1936). The Camp also worked on 9 miles of road being constructed with 6 miles of the road done in the year of 1936.

     On September 20 of 1936 Charles Jessup married Geraldine Smith they spent the rest of their lives in Emporium PA. They raised three children, two boys and one girl. Their daughter is my Mother.

     I myself as their Granddaughter remember going to Sizerville State Park with my Father and crawling on my belly up to the Beaver dams - just to get a peak of them. My Grandma would take my brother and I to the Park to go swimming all day. We always had fun there - now being a mother of three children, I can't wait till I can take my children back to that area and do the same things with them and at the same time tell them that their Great-Grandfather had a hand in building something for them to enjoy.

Thank you Grandpa !

What you built for us to share with our children will always be remembered

Sue Bemiller



1936 Roster of Company 2325 S-144-Pa., Charles E. Baer Camp, Emporium, PA.

Company 2325 S-144-Pa., Charles E. Baer Camp, Emporium, Pennsylvania, Unit History

James Welch States, Company 2325, Camp Charles E. Baer Camp (S-144-Pa), Emporium, Pennsylvania


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