Sunday in Picadilly, 1953


     I remember this story as being humorous to a couple of young American airmen in June, 53.

     It was approx. 1:00 PM and my friend Jim and I had a few hours to kill before were got our train back to our base in Wethersfield. We had decided on a movie and were walking on Picadilly St. when coming in the opposite direction was an Air Force Major in uniform. When he passed us we noted he was a chaplain.

     About a block down, we were aggressively accosted by a Picadilly Commando who didn't want to hear our "No" answers. About that time a thought struck me. I proceeded to repeat how broke we were but there was an officer just down the street and all officers were rich.

     So the young lady took off at a run and accosted the Major. There was nothing he could do or say that would make her leave him alone. Jim and I broke out laughing. The Major saw us and was really irate. We left the scene quickly so we don't know how the major/girl made out.

----- Mike K.


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