Biography of James C. Keene

CCCman, CCC Alumni Scty, Co. 5442 Wells Tannery, PA & Co. 5541 Logan Dale, NV / Las Vegas, NV / Camp P-85 Brooker, Florida

         My Dad, James C. Keene , "Jake", was in the CCC from March, 1936 to December, 1940. His number was CC4. He was in 2 companies. The first was Company 5442 Wells Tannery, Pennsylvania from March to Sept of 1936. The second was Company 5541, which served at Logan Dale Nevada, from October 1938 to April 1939 and then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from May 1939 to Sept 1939. There the company worked in the O'Leno State Park buidling a foot bridge over the Sante Fe River among other things.  Company 5541 and my Dad then moved to Camp P-85 in Brooker, Florida.  My Dad served there from October 1939 till his discharge in December 1940. He still lives in Florida and is involved with the CCC in there. He is the secretary of the alumni.

Here is a link to an Interview with Mr. Keene on a U Fla Website

----- L. Van Wey



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