By Robert J. Kilby, Jr.

September 6, 1997

A prelude to the painting "452 BG Return to Deopham Green" by Artist John Gribbin.

Dedicated to the fond memory of TSGT Gordon McL. Gibson who was killed on his thirtieth mission while flying with the Four Hundred Fifty Second BG of the Eighth Air Force.

Search if you must, never will find

No marker or border of any kind

To say that here they fought and clashed

Some died some lived and others crashed

The mighty angry timpani of air war thunder

Now scattered by the wind and blown asunder

Never littered with twisted men or planes

No flyers buried among flowered lanes

No place to sit and sadly contemplate

Why you are here, no need to wait

For friend or foe there's none to blame

To a shifting sky that's never the same

Build not your monument of steel or stone

To memorialize the heroes of flesh and bone

For like the swirling battle din and roar

Is now the wild sky where eagles soar

As long as a flyer of the fight lives on

In the mind of man it will never be gone

Submitted by

-----  Jim Davis


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