LST's On Omaha Beach

     (This Story Was a reply to a question regarding how early LSTs were used in Normandy.  It warrants inclusion due to its historical interest)

     Regarding the big LSTs. I can tell you that that LSTs must have been with the very early waves, maybe the first wave. I was on the beach , on the extreme western edge of Easy Red Beach which abutted The extreme eastern edge of Easy Green Beach. Exit E1 was practically the dividing line. I landed about 200 - 300- yards east of exit E 1 The Bunker we knocked out was 1/4 way up exit E 1. In front of the exit on the beaches is where I saw at least two LSTs on fire and exploding ammunition that was aboard.. One of them blew up and sent a great deal of burning oil over our heads and on to the bluffs. This set the bluffs in that area afire.I was on the beach at 07:30 as far as I can recall. If I am wrong I am wrong about a half hour at the most. You have to understand that under great excitement and stress time is not relevant. To be accurate you can truthfully say I was on the beach between 07:30 - 08:00 AM. During that time I saw the two (at least) LCTs burning. The first landing with Higgins boats were at 06:30 Am.

--- Hyman Haas


Biography of Hyman Haas, Sgt., Btty. A., 467th. AAA Bn (SP), USA

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