Flight Engineer Reg Miles

In Flight Gear taken at Leeside 432 Squadron in front of Handley Page Halifax Mark3 "V" Victor of 432 Squadron RCAF which was shot down with my first crew, April or May 1944. A close look at helmet will show REG in white paint,our flying gear consisted of our normal trousers and blouse, (battle dress) with a large white roll-necked pullover under the blouse, fleecy lined flying boots early models were made of suede leather in one piece, later models were black leather with an easy cut division at shoe level so that the top could be cut off with the knife hidden inside, they then looked like ordinary shoes. Gunners and Bomb Aimers had heated suits which plugged into either the electrical circuits or hot air from the engines. All masks were the same , microphone on the front adjacent to the mouth with a switch on it, flexible tube for oxygen and a plug for the inter com, mask was made of rubber and elastic straps held it in position . I am unable to indicate what coloured under pants was normally worn but can assure you quite frequent changes were required we did not LOL much.

April/May - 1944

Reg Miles



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