No way dismayed nor even dismal

The fate of the tree now being final

Fresh fields awaited his able mind

Another miracle he would find

The scent of flowers came through his doorway

For a breath of air into the garden he'd foray

What puzzled him was their varied scent

To finding their secret all his efforts now went

How was it that such simple flowers

Could produce in just a few hours

Subtle scents, and perfumes rare

That caught the nose and filled the air

A rose so red he gently smelt

And by the violets slowly knelt

The different perfumes he puzzled over

As like the bee, he smelt the clover

Knew that light was made of colour

Blended perfectly with one another

Perhaps all scents were just the same

Just like a rainbow, yet had no name

To his basement he rushed in glee

He'd find their rainbow, the world would see

With distilling flasks, flaming Bunsen burners

He set about his task in earnest

For many months he boiled and simmered

Till at last in his mind it glimmered

He had the answer to his quest

Would keep it close, to his chest

Ten basic essences he had obtained

Combined in proportions,(Not here explained)

Gave all the scents known to man

Now he would unfold his master plan

"Smelly vision", would be his triumph

Just like Baird, he'd become a giant

The greatest step for advertisers

Increasing the market for appetisers

With essences sealed in spraying cans

Now told the world of his plans

To fit them to a T.V. set

A carrier wave would start the jet

Roast dinner shown, on T.V.'s table

With his invention would be able

To be smelt in all it's glory

Another dimension for advert's story

Some one hundred sets were then fitted

With cans, relays and some switches

The day of testing was now due

At each house fitted, there was a queue

The programme started with pretty flowers

In a hundred homes scent came in showers

Yet everyone must agree

They could now smell as well as see

The items came and went with speed

No one could leave even for a feed

With intro's over came the main event

The greatest test for telly with scent

A title flashed upon the screen

In a hundred homes there wasa scream

Was "All creatures great and small"

And from the cows it started to fall

The heaps grew high and fiercely smoked

No one who smelt it ever joked

From a hundred houses people poured

From a thousand throats anger roared

The smell hung in the air for days

Enveloping the houses in a noxious haze

Poor Professor Benz has less friends

Still no one to call him Lenz.

----- "SMILER"

        Reg Miles,


Biography of Reg Miles, Flight Engineer, No1SoTT Halton/ MUs/ Snowy Owls, 420 Sqdn RCAF, 6 Group Bomber Command, Tholthorpe, Yorkshire / 511 Transport Command, RAF

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