No. 1 S. of T.T., R.A.F., Halton.

No. 9 (Apps.) Wing Cross-Country Team.

Barrington-Kennett Trophy Winners, 1939/40.

Top Row - Left to Right: A/A Miles, L/A/A Small (Vice-Capt.), L/A/A Mainwaring (Capt.), A/A Gallienne, A/A Sharman.

Middle Row - Left to Right: A/A Pearce, A/A Harris, S/A/A Williams, L/A/A Milam, Cpl. Truesdale, C/A/A Dainty, A/A Wyatt, L/A/A McKie, A/A Warren.

Sitting - Left to Right: A/A O'Reilly, A/A Anderson, A/A Davis, F/Lt. Adams, W/Cmdr. Swann, F/Lt. Hughes-Morgan, A/A Rogers, A/A Jardine, A/A Travers.

A photo taken while I was at Halton. As noted at bottom of photo I am top left. Note the date I was 15 at the time. You will note the sticky paper on the windows of the barrack blocks to prevent glass flying about in case of bombing.

Reg Miles


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