Reg Miles, Flight Engineer, RAF

     You thought that the Yanks invented acronyms, well the "poms" were in to it years ago!! FIDO stands for Fog Intense Dispersal Of, you might like to hang on to the description as you may need it later on when I describe landing on it.

    On very large emergency runways for crippled aircraft to land on, large pipes were fitted to either side of the runway which had holes in ( don't remember how far apart as I didn't stop to check) Large fuel storage tanks filled with low grade petrol and possibly kero and other fuel were connected by pumps to these pipes. When fog prevented aircraft returning from a raid from landing at their home base or badly damaged 'planes were diverted to these 'dromes, the pumps were started and a jeep with a flaming brand lashed to it's rear drove fast down both sides of the runway the heat from the flames dispersed the fog so that 'planes could land.When lit these FIDO runways could be seen for about a hundred miles by the 'planes returning and a very welcome sight they were too.

----- Reg Miles


Biography of Reg Miles, Flight Engineer, RAF

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