The gang down in Cornwall salvaging a Bristol Beaufort

You will no doubt see the casual dress we wore. No names I am afraid for crew, "chiefy" who has already been mentioned was our Flight Sergeant he is sitting down far left and about three times the age of anyone else, smoked a pipe which got broken so was held together with tape couldn't get pipe tobacco so whenever the crew managed to get cigs alway gave him some which he crumbled up and smoked in his pipe, I am sitting at the back second from the left in all of my 17 years of experience on earth.Seem to remember that when the Queen Mary arrived it sank into the mud and we had to dig it out.

The Bristol Beaufort was basically a torpedo bomber, a number of Squadrons were based at a 'drome called St Eval which features in my biography. The Beauforts at St Eval did a lot of damage to German docks and shipping and suffered many casualties themselves. The Germans retaliated one night and gave us a good pasting with bombs.

Reg Miles


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