We were also brothers four, only two of us could go to war,

Two were ill both passed away, two of us fought and made it anyway.

A full Commander in the Sea Bees, Barney built bridges to prevent harm,

Reinlisted in St. Alamo to build the Atomic bomb.

I was in the 330th regiment, 83rd division, Co. I,

Came in 6th wave at Omaha Beach, don't know how,when or why. (about l0 days)

Wounded twice on the way to St. Lo, the third shot in my leg was the biggest blow.

My leg was to be no more, but pennicillan came to the hospital floor.

I than ran a cemetary in Baum Le Dame for the soldier unknown,

And finally I returned to my parents safely home.

-----   "Milt"

In loving memory of Benny, Joey, Barney and Judy.

Mother received the letter I was wounded in action the same day Benny was burried from a brain tumor.



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