Deploying from Germany in Jan 1991, just prior to the War, I think it was even more dificult for families to deal with. We were already away from home to begin with, and many single soldiers had no family to say goodbye to upon departure. I had been in Dharan only a few days when everything began. I went trough every range of emotions that night, but I never lost my feeling of pride in just being an American answering the call to duty, like many in my family before me. I wish we could impress upon so many of the self-serving people in this country today the meaning of duty, honor and country. In a very short time we have lost the concept of what can I do for the nation and now many respond with any bottomless open hand saying what else can you hand me? Let us never forget the many brave people who fought to establish and preseve this great country. I am proud to be an American, and proud to have served this nation that will always be close to my heart. Thank You.

--- RESMC1B@aolcom


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