Am I My Brother's Keeper?

         During one of the intensive shellings we endured through the courtesy of the Japanese Navy, the Marines of our half-track crew held me personally liable for these disruptive and endless intrusions: "HEY DOC"!! So where the hell's your Navy"?? Seems the U.S.Navy had conveniently sailed off into the sunset, leaving us landlubbers orphaned!

       As the threatening shells whizzed over our sardine-packed dugout, bloodshot eyes began centering upon me. A massive burden of guilt weighed heavily upon the aging shoulders of this 19 year old "Squid". The stern look of disgust on the faces of my FORMER Marine buddies found me muttering to myself: "MEA CULPA"!! "MEA CULPA"!!

----- John Francis Richter HM1 USN (Ret.)

        Guadalcanal/Korea Alumnus

        Semper Fi


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