Fire Away !!

        The suppressive treatment against malaria in the form of Atabrine Tablets given two days out of the week on Guadalcanal, gave rise to a tense game of hide-and-seek between the bestowers and the recipients of these highly despised pills! As the Marines completed their pass through the "chowline"(?),"laden down"(?) with their tightly limited ration of food and drink, two career-oriented Navy Corpsmen greeted them graciously! One popped that greatly detested Atabrine into their ordered "OPEN WIDE" mouths while the other stood as "inspector" further down the line, determined to detect unswallowed tablets. With the aid of tongue depressors, the incorruptible "inspector" found them: (1) tucked under the upper lip; (2) buried under an unyielding tongue; and (3) stuck securely to the roof of the mouth, rather than on their carefree way to the "victim's" stomach!

       Notwithstandng this ridged scanning, the grounds around the mess tent soon wound up peppered generously with those hated pills, jet-fired from the mouths of those extra resourceful Marines who managed to slip through that tight security "net"!!

----- John Francis Richter HM1 USN (Ret.)

        Guadalcanal/Korea Alumnus

        Semper Fi


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