Biography of Harold F. Sweeney

CCCman, Company 2142, Danby, Vermont

     Some thoughts on my CCC days. Went to Danby, Vt. end of September 1940 after being processed through Fort Devens Mass. 2142 Company. After some tests I was assigned to the Surveyers crew to work with Stanley Rak and Milton Rutstien. We worked with a Civilian Civil Engineer named Carl 0. Parsons, one of the finest men I have ever worked with.

     This was a Soil Conservation Unit and we surveyed the farms and rivers and made maps , so that the crews would know where to build RIP RAP and barriers to prevent the further washing away of the river banks.

     We were soon sent to Poutney with the Cadre, to lay out the road into the camp, and to Stakeout the building locations.

     When the first portable barracks were put up we were assigned to stay there. This was in early November. These barracks at this stage just a shell, no heat, or stove no water, no anything!!

     There was a little stream running along one side of the Camp area. This is where we went to wash up and shave in the morning and evening. This stream had a thin coating of ice on it that had to be broken away to get at the water. It was very invigorating. One day my friend Milt, on a dare, went in for an overall dip. It didn't last very long.

     Among the places we surveyed and mapped for conservation work was the Coolidge Farm in Vermont. It was hard, up and down the side of the Mountain, through the forest job.

     A year ago I happened to seat a man, named Thou Chamberlain, while in the Course of our conversation we found out we had both been in the camp at Danby Vt. at the same time in 1940. We did not remember of meeting at the camp, but did remember the names of some of the men we both knew.

     Milt had been brought up in the city, had never been around cows. cows are very curious and would come to see what we were doing. We got a big laugh when he tried to run from them, wearing hip boots and carrying a 13 foot Stadia Rod. He always wondered what those mud pies were and why they were all over the field.

     Milt and I have been in touch all these years. I have only seen or heard from Stanley Rakonee. He stopped in to visit me in Brockton in 1946 on his way home to Fall River after being discharged from the army. I never saw or heard from him again. I would like to see him, I have tried with no success.

     A little on my Bio. I got a job and got out to the CCC's and later went to work at the Gen. Elec.-- Hercules Plant in Taunton. Mass. Got married . joined the Navy and served with the Navy Air Corps during the War. Graduated Wentworth Institute Of Technology under the G.I Bill. Worked at the Gen. Elec.- Hercules Plant for 46 years in various supervisiory and Engineering capacities.

     I have three children and three grown up Grand children.

----- Harold F. Sweeney

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