My Dad Meets General Patton

      Just before the Battle of the Bulge, my father, who was a sergeant in the 80 InfDiv, 319 th Inf Regiment F Co and the company cook, was delivering that day's hot meal to a unit in his company. This particular unit was in a barn to escape the cold weather. As my dad and his cooks were serving the meal, turkey and fixings, in strode the 3rd Army Commander, Gen. G.S. Patton, Jr. He looked around and saw my dad serving the meal and said to him, "Sergeant, if the Krauts knew what we were eating right now, they would all surrender." He then requested the location of the company commander, a captain, to have him report to him at once. The captain arrived and as was the practice at the time, the captain had his captain bars on his helmet covered with a piece of burlap, to avoid snipers who were looking to take out officers. Well, you would have thought the captain just slapped Gen. Patton in the face. The General proceeded to go up one side and down the other of this captain, right in front of the enlisted men, who to say the least were highly entertained at this, due to the fact of covering his rank, that if the captain was not proud enough to show his rank in Patton's army he would bust him down to a buck private right then and there. Needless to say, the captain, removed the burlap, and the Gen. and captain retreated to another part of the barn to continue their discussion.

My dad always got a chuckle out of telling me that story.

----- "Toepan"


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