B25J and 1929 Model A Ford

The B25 shown was at an airshow my local Model T Ford club went to as a group. Having flown combat in these fantastic B25's I was pleased to lead the car tour in my trusty 1929 Model A Ford, also shown above. Everyone had lots of fun.

The B-25's in which I flew were C's, G's, J's and H's. The one above is a J. The one I liked best was the G's with the 75mm cannon in its nose. Lots more action flying at minimum altitudes on sea sweeps after German shipping and other targets along the Italian coast. B-25's had their top turrets in the rear of the aircraft, back of the bomb bay, on all early models up to and including the "G" models. When the "H" Models arrived on the scene the turret had been moved to the front just behind the pilots compartment. All subsequent models had the turret towards the front of the aircraft. It was a lot more comfortable for us turret gunners. We had a better ride and a better view all around. As to just why the turret was moved I have no answer but I liked it.

- George Underwood



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George Underwood By B25 Top Turret

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