Bristol Brigands Close Formation

Sqdn/ Ldr. Blythe gave a stern order "Get back No.2, you are too Bl---dy close, keep to standard separation distance!"

Note Crewman Looking at Camera

Description: Light ground - attack bomber with a crew of 3.

All - metalstressed - skin construction.

Makers designation, Type 164.

Manufacturers: Bristol Aeroplane Co. Ltd,. Filton, Bristol. U.K.

Power plant: Two 2,470 - h.p. Bristol Centaurus 57.

Dimensions: Span, 72ft.4ins. Lengh 46ft.5ins. Height. 17ft 6ins.

Weights: Empty, 25,598 lbs. Loaded, 39,000 Ibs.


Maximum speed, 358 mph. at 16,000ft.

Cruising Speed, 311 mph.

Initial climb, 1,500 ft/min.

Maximum range 2,800

Service ceiling, 26,000 ft.


Four 20 -mm guns in nose,

Provision for 3,000 Ibs.of bombs externally below wings and underneath fuselage,

3 Rockets underneath each wing.

Peter A. Weston


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