The Night He Got Lucky

       Infantry Basic Training serves a number of purposes other than combat training. This rigorous exercise is also a selection process to determine what individuals would be more suited to details other than Storming Beaches as Cannon fodder. Medics- Radio Operators - G-2(Intelligence units) clerical detail eetc. etc.all are weeded out during Basic Training.

       Having said that-We who were selected to be Corpsman(Medics) felt rather special. When we were told to forget everything we had learned about the weapons of war.

      After reassignment we were given extensive though rudimentary Medical Instructions for a period of 6 weeks. Bones -- Bandages - Circulatory Systems. Primary care of wounnded men.

     Now we were given our RED CROSS BROSSARD (ARM BANDS) and we knew what Hemotoma meant. A few thought they could qualify to for the position of Surgeon General. You Get the Picture

     Here we arrive at the crux of the story

     The Army Medical corps was absolutely paranoid about STD and Issued a general order that all personnel that engaged in any sexual activity whatever. Would upon return to camp-report immediately to the Dispensary for prophylactic treatment to prevent disease.

     As a matter of course - Each Dispensary made an Antiseptic Solution 1/1000% of BI-Chloride of Mercury. In a small "DEWAR 'It was called PROTARGOL This was injected by the "Lucky G. I" with a Urethral Syringe into the Urethra. The solution was discarded every Sunday Night immediately after "LIGHTS OUT." A new batch was made up Monday morning after breakfast.

      About 2 A.M. One Monday morning > The Entire Camp was awakened by the most blood curdling Scream anyone ever heard. It seams that one of the "New" corpsmen returned with a fellow Infantryman who had "GOT LUCKY" The corpsman returned stoned drunk with the inebriuated Infantry Buddy. It seems the corpsman was unable to locate the DEWAR of PROTARGOL. He did however know a little bit about antiseptic solutions. He decided to substitute a well known solution that would probably do just as well. The Infantryman injected 10 cc of concentrated Iodine (10%) into his urethra. Permanently damaging the urinary tract all the way back to his kidneys. He was given a medical discharge. He never "GOT LUCKY" after that.

----- Ed Braun


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