The Winter of 1942-43 My army unit took basic training at FT.Hancock, Sandy Hook, New Jersey. This is essentially in the New York Harbor. An entire Infantry Regiment (12000) troops spent that winter in tents. It was called Tent City.

     Upon completion of 13 weeks of Infantry Basic Training Our graduation Ceremony was scheduled to take place on a Saturday. All the Army Brass were to be seated in the "Reviewing Stand" (You have probably seen re-enactments of this on television) Friday afternoon it started to snow.By dawn Saturday it had accumulated to 8 inches. Immediately after breakfast The Entire Regiment was called out to the "Parade Ground" a 10 acre Field. The troops were dressed (LINED UP) shoulder to shoulder. We crushed 10 acres of Snow flat as a pancake with our feet in preperation for the review. then we changed into our class " A " (Dress) Uniforms and returned to the Parade Ground.

      Then The command was given. "113th Infantry Regiment-PASS IN REVIEW"

----- Ed Braun


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