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     The CCC's were a result of the economic and social turmoil of the Great Depression. In one swoop the government undertook not only to employ hundreds of thousands of young men but to house, cloth, feed and discipline them as well all while creating for society a force for environmental conservation, construction and recreation.  It was a monumental undertaking in a time of such economic hardship.  It is unlikely that such a program, so costly and so idealistic in its goals, its premise and its tasks, could ever be fully enacted today, nor at any time before.  As such, it is an entity which cannot be fully understood without understanding not only exactly what it was, but what circumstances bore it and how it was shaped as it came into being.  The pages to be linked to below will, hopefully, enable that general background of the CCCs to be somewhat clearer to the visitor so that the contents of the other sections of the Museum will be more fully understood and appreciated. Perhaps more importantly, in this day of crumbling mores, economic uncertainty, environmental deterioration and collapsing social welfare programs, a fuller understanding of the basis for the social, economic, environmental, and moral achievements of the CCCs may point the way to future successful endeavours.

     The Following listing is not in alphabetical order but rather in an order designed to facilitate learning an overview and then a more detailed knowledge of the CCCs.

Roosevelt's Tree Army, A Brief History of the Civilian Conservation Corps

THE ADMIRATION OF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY, 1936 Message from FDR to members of the CCC

The President's Greeting to members of the CCC, from Happy Days, c. 1940?

The President's Remarks to CCC Camp at Warm Springs Georgia, 1935 Short Speech to CCC Men (link to UGA site only, speech no longer there)

Organizational Overview

The CCC Education Program, A History and Description by Dr. Chet Nolte, EA Co. 769

Side Camps or Spike Camps, From the Your CCC Handbook for Enrollees

CCC Facts, a listing of data of CCC makeup and accomplishments

CCC Trivia, a listing of more CCC data of interest

The CCC and the National Park Service, An Administrative History, an Online Book from NPS


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