These links provide access to pages dedicated to the biographies of men who participated in the CCCs.  These men gave to the Nation a preserved and accessible out doors for recreation, conservation and productivity. Farmlands were preserved, forests saved, inhabitable areas made liveable. In eight years a vast amount of work was done by these young men who spent six months to two years or more of the prime of their lives in spartan conditions laboring at the hardest type of work. Yet when their service of peace was done, they still had more to give to their country. The CCC veterans provided the core of America's manpower and leadership in World War II, at home and at the fronts, and on into the years to come. The stories of these most productive of Americans are told below.  

     Also herein will be the biographies of CCC staff members and Military men, who contributed needed leadership and guidance to the CCC men and their labors. Also the stories of other New Dealers, such as NYA or WPA persons whose contributions were just as important as the CCC story and add more depth to an understanding of that day and age.  

     These pages tell their stories, stories from a more trying time, but a better time as well in many ways. Beyond these biographies, provided by family friends or the CCC men themselves, there are contained at the bottom of this page memorials to CCC Enrollees whose passings were noted on the internet.

James F. Justin, Co. 1229 Camp SCS-6 Machias NY c.35-36, Co. 1295, Camp MC-54, Magnolia DE 1936-37

And in Alphabetical Order

Delmar James Aday, CCCMan (new 8/14/01) (mem)

Armond C. Allbritton, Enrollee, CCC Company, Warrenton, Oregon (new 12/25/03)

Andy Anderson, Forestry Technician Staff, Company 644, Camp Sheep Ranch, Phillips, Wisconsin & Camp Elk River (new 11/13/00) (694 Mem)

Jack Anderson, CCCman, Company 869, SCS Camp, Farmersville, Texas ( new 12/16/00) (339)

John Andolina, CCCMan, Company 1212, Elkmont, Tennesee & Zion National Park, Utah (updated 9/16/01 new 9/12/01)

Leonard Anglin, CCCMan, Camp F-32A, Sedona, Arizona (new 3/19/01)

John Clyde Arnold, CCCMan, Youngstown, Florida (updated 8/1/01, new 7/30/01)

Joseph Arnold, CCCman, Company 1938, Grand Junction, Colorado (updated 5/13/01)

Thomas F. Arnold, CCCMan, Company 1410, Cross City, Florida & Goldhead Branch State Park, Keystone Heights, Florida (updated 5/7/03, new 7/24/01)

Peter Arsenault, NACCCA NE Regional Director and President NACCCA Chapter 92, First Aid Man, Enrollee, Company 2102, Camp Fechner, in Danbury, Connecticut (new 7/12/03)

Daniel Atzenhoefer, CCC Man (new 3/31/01)

Dominick N. August, CCCMan, Company 1230, Camp S-100-NY, Masonville, NY (new 1/10/01) (998)

Louis Baiz, CCCMan, Seven Springs, Arizona (new 3/5/01) (46 Mem)

Roy Lester Barbe, CCC Man, Camp Tom Howard, Bristol, Sullivan Co. Tn. (70 Mem)

Charles Barbuti, CCCMan, Company 1285, SCS-5, Attica, New York (new 1/18/01) (27)

Jesse Albert Barnes, Unknown Company and Camp near Appalachian Trail (78 Mem)

Merton F. Barrs, Enrollee, CCCMan, Company 1910, Camp F-21, Camp Indian River, Happy Camp, California (new 2/8/03)

Luther E. Bates, CCCMan, Company 1466, Camp S-78, Pikeville, Tennessee (new 3/28/01)

Jerry Bayer, Camp Long Lake, CCC WI HQ, Sparta, Wisconsin (updated 4/20/01) (729)

Elvin Bean, CCCMan, Unknown Company, Ardmore,Oklahoma

Travis Belue, CCCMan, Company 2133, Camp BR-7, Camp Deaver, Wyoming (832)

Harry Bender, Enrollee, Unknown Company, Jockey Hollow Morristown, New Jersey (new 3/7/04)

Lawrence F. Bennett, CCCMan, Unknown Company

Norvin T. Bickers, Enrollee, Company 561, Camp F-17, Glenburn, California & Camp F-124, Naples, Idaho & Camp SCS-5 in Walton, Kentucky (new 10/10/03)

George F. Biello, CCC Man, Company 311, Sedona, Arizona (new 11/9/00) (40)

James William Biggs, Leader, CCCMan, Company 411, Camp NP-5-NC,Camp Kephart Prong, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Bryson City, North Carolina (updated 9/29/02, new 9/3/02)

Emil Billitz, Co 1220, Camp P-135-NY, Peekskill, NY / Co. 252 Camps NP-7-WA, Packwood, WA, & Camp Woahink Lake, SP-10-OR, Glenada, OR (113)

Charles Willis Bird, CCC Man, Company 997, Camp F-34, Camp Middle Creek, Mendocino National Forest, Lake County, California (updated 4/2/00) (3,100)

Dwayne L Blackman, CCC Man (new 4/13/01)

E. A. Blackman, Enrollee, Unknown Company, Unknown Camp, Bowling Green, Missouri (new 6/6/04)

Donald Blackrud, CCCman, Deception Pass (new 8/16/99) (67 Mem.)

Ray F Blair, Sr., Technical Foreman Engineer, Company 1292, Camp G94, Midway, Blackfoot, Idaho, Company 4605, Camp G-99, Mountain Home, Idaho, Bruneau, Idaho (new 4/1/01)

Alton Blanche and Mildred Blanche, Winnebago, Nebraska (new 4/8/01)

Edwin Blasingim, First Sergeant, Leader, CCCman 1935-1941, Company 1466, Camp S-78(new 5/14/2015)

Ruben Blunt, Co. 2585, Camp Englishton, Lexington, Indiana (191 Mem)

Lester T. A. Boccuzzi, CCCMan, Company 2137, Camp Mullin Creek, Centenial, Wyoming (new 5/26/01)

Hartman Boerner, CCC Man, Company 1666 or 1679, Camp SP-2, Ludington, MI (new 12/15/17)

William Bonenberger, Assistant Leader, Enrollee, Camp Alkali Lake, Burns, Oregon (updated 3/11/04, new 12/20/03)

Buford Houston Bottoms, CCCman, Camp Cook, Afton, Wyoming (new 8/16/99)

Tom Bowerman, Company 6436, Camp Icicle F-29 Leavenworth, Camp Cowiche BR-66 Yakima, Camp Dupont AF-2 Dupont, All Washington ( updated 4/13/01)

Shirley W. Bradfield, Company 3544, Camp F-35 Camp Manila, Manila, Utah

William Bradish, CCCMan, Camp Newberry, Newberry, Michigan (new 1/16/01)

Raymond Branch, Enrollee, CCC Man, Company 1732, Blooming Rose, Missouri (new 5/6/07)

Ed Braun, Company 3556 D.G.115 (Division of Grazing), Green River, Utah (updated 5/15/01)

John B. Brettell, Captain, CCC Commander, Company 316C, Camp S-83, Straight Creek, Pennsylvania / Piney River & Big Island, Virginia (new 1/18/00)

Thomas I. Brewster, CCCMan, Company 183, Camp S-56, Kent, Connecticut (new 1/20/01)

Jack T. Brown, CCC Man, Camp Kankakee, IL

Robert Bulchis, CCCMan, Company 937, Camp Easton, Wenatchee National Forest, Lake Cle Elum, Washington & Camp Louella, Sequim, Washington (updated 2/19/01)

Patrick J. Burke, Jr., CCCMan, Company 2387, Fort Hunt, Alexandria, Virginia (new 4/25/01)

James C. Burnett, Enrollee, Co. 3894, Camp F-67-CO, Mesa, Colorado & Unknown Company, Sedona, Arizona (new 6/6/04)

William I. Byrd, Company Clerk, CCC Man, Company 6426, Eureka Utah, & Green River, Utah (updated 3/8/01)

Anthony J. Caffrey, CCCMan, Rhinelander, Wisconsin (new 8/13/01)

Robert L. Call, CCCMan, Company 1587, Camp SCS-2, Camp Tecumseh, Lafayette, Indiana (new 5/31/01)

Joseph P. Callahan, CCCman, Company 1580, Camp F-19, Minnehaha Springs, West Virginia (new 1/8/01)

Vondalee D. Callahan, CCCMan, Company 3844, Camp Basin City, DG-11-CO, Redvale, Colorado (new 11/7/01)

George Cannata, Enrollee, Company 1266, Camp Priest Lake, Priest River, Idaho & Camp F31, Mountain Ranch, California  (new 10/5/08)

Kenneth Carlson, CCCMan, Company 4710, SCS Camp, Blair, Nebraska (updated 6/27/01, new 6/26/01)

Abraham Caroff, CCCMan, Company 1285, SCS-5, Attica, New York (new 1/15/01)

Clarence H. Carroll, Food Service Manager, Camp Baker, CCCMan, Nine Mile, MT & Company 1999, Ekalaka, MT & Augusta, MT & Port Angeles, Washington & Camp Haugan, MT & Winfried, Montana & Yellowstone, Wyoming (new 4/3/01)

Ernest Carter, Unknown Company and Camp possibly near Glasgow, Kentucky

Ralph Castelluccio, CCCMan, Company 1259, Camp Canyon, Yellowstone National Park & Pelican Creek, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming & Camp Christie Brook, Camp 48-NY, Sloatsburg, New York (new 7/19/01)

Julian Cavazos, CCCMan, San Fernando Valley, California (updated 5/15/01)

Archie Ceaser "Popeye" Chapmond, Co. 810, Unknown Camp & Co. 3825, Camp SCS-3-Co, Hugo Colorado

John D. Chepetz, CCCMan, Company 2323, Camp SCS-5, Sligo, PA (updated 4/19/01)

James Chiariello, CCCMan,Company 288, Fort Hancock, New Jersey, Company 242, Camp S-80, Woodbine, New Jersey (updated 2/26/01)

Guy Christianson, Co. 1610, Camp Connors Lake, Phillips, WI, Park Falls, WI, Loretta, WI (Updated 3/26/01)

Nicholas M. Cirillo, CCC Man, Company 311, Camp F-32-A, Oak Creek Canyon, Clarkdale, Flagstaff, Sedona, Arizona (updated 12/9/00)

Justin M. Cirrone, Sr., CCCMan, Unknown Company

Guido Civiello, Company 533, White Sulfur Springs, Montana

Frank Clancy, Company 3237, Camp Mill Creek, DG-18, Battle Mountain, Nevada, Use Back Key To Return

Roy Udell Clay, Colonel, CCC Camp Officer and Camp Commander, Camps at London, Ohio, Vandalia, Ohio, Elyria, Ohio, South Bend, Indiana, Mansfield, Ohio, WWII, USA / Engineer, Using Service Staff, Camps at Jacksonville, Ohio, New Lexington, Ohio, Coshocton, Ohio (new 2/23/08)

John F. Clemens / John F. Klementowski, CCCMan, Company 293, Camp MP-2, Vicksburg, Mississippi & Camp P-209, Pine Grove, California (new 6/28/01)

Milburn H. Cody, Asst Ldr, Co 1525, SP-5, Watoga, Huntersville WV & Co 3549, Camp Rowan, Union, WV & Camp Fairfax, Hedgesville, West Virginia (New 5/20/99)

Sidney L. Coggins, CCCman, Use Back Key to Return

Carroll S. Collins, CCC Man, Camp S-95, Lake Port, Pennsylvania (new 4/29/00)

Vincent L. Collinson, CCCMan, Unknown Company, Illinois

James A. Coleman, CCCMan, Company 3844, Camp DG-11-C, Redvale, Colorado (new 6/6/01)

Brigido G. Contreras, CCC Man (new 3/13/01)

R. C. Corbyn, 2nd Lt., Company Commander and Excutive Officer, unknown Companies, unknown Camps, Arizona, Colorado and Arkansas, USA (new 6/25/04)

Joseph D. Cornelius, Senior Leader, CCC Man, Company 1101, White Mountain National Forest, West Campton, New Hampshire Staff Sergeant,  Platoon Sergeant, 1st. Platoon A Battery 569th Anti Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion, Mobile, USA, WWII (new 8/27/06)

Emile P. Cote, CCCMan (new 2/21/01)

Elias W. Covington, Leader, Company 4520, Fort Bragg, NC & Company 429, Yanceyville, NC & Roxboro, North Carolina (new 2/5/01)

Howard L. Cox, Foreman Techincal Staff, Lake Chabot, Oakland, California & Yosemite National Park & Yellowstone National Park & Mt. Diablo and Mount Tamalpois, California (new 7/2/01)

Millard Cox, CCCMan, Unkown Company

Andrew Jackson Craddock, CCCMan, Unknown Company

Shelby Crow, CCCMan, Walcot, Arkansas, Mount Vernon, Arkansas, Use Back Key To Return (added 4/13/01)

Seldon Cunningham, Company 3464, Camp SP-7-TN, Cumberland Mountain State Park, Crossville, Tennessee (new 11/3/00)

Owen R. Cusick, CCCMan, Enrollee, Unknown Company, Bunker, Missouri (new 11/08/04)

Edward Bernard Czernek, CCCMan, Bear Mountain State Park, Harriman State Park, Plattsburg, New York (new 4/17/01)

John Daly, CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 2746, Camp SCS-3 Alcester, South Dakota & Walcott, Arkansas (new 5/30/07)

Frank Damon, Leader, Company Clerk, CCCMan, Company 445, Fort Moultrie & Cheraw, South Carolina (updated 2/28/01)

Wilbert Dauphin, CCC Man (new 4/29/01)

David Davis, CCCMan, Tempe, Arizona & Three Rivers, California (new 9/24/01)

Jim Davis, Fire Fighter, National Park Service, Camp Lost Creek, Camp LNP-1, Manzanita Lake, Lassen National Park, California (new 2/8/01)

Paul Davison, Enrollee, Hamilton, Ohio (new 2/3/04)

Aaron Deem, CCCMan, Key Man Overhead, Los Angeles District (new 6/4/01)

John B. Derden, CCCMan, Company 3435, Camp P-87, Rome, Georgia & Company 5463, Camp F-41, Ruch, Oregon (updated 3/2/01)

Francis DiAmico, CCCMan, Pennsylvania (new 8/18/00)

Rinaldo DiPaul, CCC Man, Enrollee, Unknown Company, NM (new 12/5/17)

Donald E. Dietz, CCC Assistant Leader, Company 222, Camp S-93-NY, Breakabeen, New York (updated 2/2/01)

Richard Burton Diehl, Foreman, Unknown Companies, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire

Ernest Gilbert Dixon, Capt., Company Commander CCC Co. 722, Hovland, Minnesota (new 12/11/00)

Kirby Dobbs, CCC Man, Company 3751, Camp F-14 Camp Bardley, MO & Savoy and Harlem, MT (new 1/11/18)

Finlan Dumond, Mess Sergeant, Greenville. Company 160, Camp P-57-ME, Greenville, Maine & Company NF-13-NH, Stowe, ME & Company 158, Camp NP-2-ME, Southwest Harbor, Maine (new 9/12/02)

Charles Francis Dunleavy, Company 251, French Creek, Riggins, Idaho

Fred Thomas Duray,CCC Man, Company 290, Boise Idaho

Joseph Duschik, CCC Man, Unknown Company, Schroeder, MN

Leo Obal Dykes, CCCman, Company #2819, Camp Watonga SP-21-OM

Fletcher William Donaldson, 2nd Lt., CCC Staff, Co 2586, Camp Thornwood, F-6-WV, Durbin, WV & Co 2048 (?), Camp White Rock, Seneca Rock, WV & 1522, Camp Clifftop, SP-3, Onega, WV & Co 532 in Camp SP-6, US Army (New 5/21/99)

Francis Eakin, CCC Man, Unknown Company, Polk, Pa. (new 12/6/17)

Ralph H. Eakin, CCC Man, Unknown Company, District No. 2, Third Corps Area (new 12/6/17)

Herald Leon Edds, Enrollee, CCCMan, Company 564, Camp F-3-KY, McKee, Kentucky (new 9/29/02)

Chuck Edwards, CCCMan,  Company 1910, Camp Seaid, Siskiyou, California (new 8/10/01)

Ralph L. Emery, Enrollee, CCCMan, Company 1910, Camp S-53, Sigel, Pennsylvania & Camp ANF-3, Kane, Pennsylvania & Camp S-116, Clearfield, Pennsylvania (new 5/28/03)

LeRoy Everett, Company Commander, Camp Medicine Lake, Montana (new 5/13/01)

Robert I. Ewing, CCCMan, Company 979, Camp F-72, Idaho Falls, Idaho (new 3/23/01)

Thomas Earl Faircloth, CCCman, Company 1449 P-77, Camp Langly (Camp Tate), near Tate, Georgia

Jim Farley, CCCMan, Company 144, Rangely, Maine (updated 4/29/01)

James Favala, CCCman, Assistant Leader, Company 272, Camp 52, Boston Corners, New York (updated 2/20/01)

Frederick T. Feil, CCCMan, Company 1645, French Creek Camp, Pierce, Idaho & California (updated 10/21/01 new 10/17/01)

Charles A. Ferry, CCCMan, Company 703, Camp Caribou, Camp F-11, Lutsen, Minnesota (new 4/2/01)

Roy D. Fitts, CCCMan, Company 793, Hill City, South Dakota (new 8/10/01)

Cecil Q. Flowers, First Vice President NACCCA, CCCMan (new 5/17/01)

Frank J. Fontanetta, CCCMan, Company 603, Camp F-110, Ojai, California & Camp F-193, Pierce, Idaho (new 3/30/01)

Orin Henry Foutz, Company 1838, Camp Tanque Verde, DF-42-A, Madera Canyon, Tucson, AZ (new 11/23/17)

Paul H. Frame, CCCman,  Company 565, Camp F-45, Soda Springs, CA & Camp F-157, Highland, California (updated 1/21/00)

Tom Frantz, Leader, Camp S-139, Camp Pocono, Promised Land, PA (new 2/25/05)

Dominick Gadamowitz, CCC Man, Battle Mountain, Nevada, Brief Annotated and Illustrated Oral History, Use Back Key To Return

George Galo, Enrollee, CCC Man, 191st Company, Waterbury, Vermont (new 4/10/04)

Charles W. Garland, CCCMan (new 4/27/01)

Al Garvey, CCCman, Company 1297, Camp Zillah, Washington (new 3/31/01)

Lyle Gaston, CCC Man (new 4/13/01)

Clifford C. Glawe, Camp Perkinstown, Wisconsin (new 5/14/01)

Norbert N. Gebhard, CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 3683, Camp Alvin, Wisconsin (new 4/11/07)

Lawrence H. (Jack) Genteman, CCCStaff or Enrollee, Missourri or Illinois (new 5/13/01)

Richard Albert Gillespie, CCCman, Priest River, Idaho & Edmison, New Jersey (new 8/22/00)

Charles M. Gilliland, CCCMan, Company 2920, Camp Sullivan Lake, Camp F-1, Metaline Falls, Washington (new 1/22/01)

Paul J. Gilmet, CCCMan, Camp Wellston, Wellston, Michigan (new 5/17/02)

Sterling B. Gleason, CCCman, Leipsic, Delaware & Likely, California & Palisades Park, Englewood, New Jersey (new 12/6/00)

Charles E. Gloyd, CCC Man, Company 1603, Camp Mondo River / Company 660, Manitowish River, Wisconsin ( modified 4/17/00 )

Feliciano Gomez, CCCMan, Durango, Colorado & Cuba, New Mexico (new 3/4/01)

Rafael Gonzales, CCCMan. Company 252, West Almond, New York & Newhalen, Oregon & Vancouver Barracks, Washington (new 1/19/01)

Harry Goolie, CCCman, Company 1745 and Company 2920, Camp F-1, Camp Sullivan Lake, Metaline Falls, Washington (new 1/15/01)

Curtis O. Greer Jr., CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 878, Cleburne, Texas & Company 878, Camp SCS-37-T, Waxahachie, Texas (new 4/11/07)

Cecil Dozier Griffin, Company 841, Camp F-1, Pueblo Park, Reserve, New Mexico / Silver City, NM & Company 841, Camp P-24, W-Wapiti, Cody, Wyoming (new 6/21/01)

Charlie Griffin, Leader, Camp Rand, Galice, Oregon & Diamond Lake, Oregon, Siskiyou National Forest (new 2/21/05)

Morris Grodsky, Enrollee, CCCMan, Camp BR-59-C, Vallecito Dam, near Palisades, Colorado and Grand Junction, Colorado (new 2/20/03)

Francis J. Gutman, Forestry Clerk, Radio Operator, Woodsman, CCCMan - LEM, Company 938, Quinault Ranger Station Side Camp, Olympic National Forest, Camp S-234-WA, Clearwater, WA & Company 4275 - Company 2941, Fort Lewis, WA & Camp NP-2, Camp Norada Falls, Mount Ranier National Park, WA & Camp NP-8, Camp Sunshine Point, Nisqually Entrance, Mount Ranier National Park, Washington (new 5/31/02)

William J. Haas, CCCMan, Company 1241, Bolton, Montana (new 6/7/01)

Earl F. Haferbecker, CCC Enrollee, 1939-1941, Backbone State Park, Lamont, Iowa & Caledonia, Minnesota (Updated 2/3/03, new 12/6/02)

Clarence Hall, CCCMan, Olympic National Forest & Mt. McKinley National Park, Alaska (new 6/6/01)

Lewis Hall, CCCMan, Company 331, Camp S-116, Camp Anderson Creek, Clearfield, PA (new 1/30/01)

Otto Hall, CCCMan, MI (new 2/21/01)

Charles Escott Hancock, Technical Service Staff, Camp Mt. Mansfield & Rutland, Vermont (updated 5/4/01)

Alvin Hanson, CCCMan, Unknown Company

Bernard W. Hargadon, CCCMan, Enrollee, unknown Company, unknown Camp, near Lakehurst, New Jersey (new 12/14/06)

Ralph G. Hargin, CCCMan, Company 984, Camp Matlock & Camp White River (new 1/25/01)

Woodrow W. Harrelson, Company Commander, Worley and other Camps in Idaho & Mena, Arkansas (new 4/14/01)

David Hassler, CCCman, Company 1472, Camp S-66, Picket State Park, Picket State Forest, Henryville, Tennesee (new 12/9/00)

Reinhardt Hecht, CCCMan, Company 604, Camp F-41, Columbia National Forest, Guler and Peterson Prairie, Washington (updated 2/22/01)

Jonathan Hedglin, CCCMan, Idaho & Oregon & Hacklebarny State Park, New Jersey (new 5/14/01)

Ole S. Helgeson, CCCMan (new 3/2/01)

Fred Hemenway, CCCMan, Company 2919, Columbia National Forest, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Camp Lower Cispus, Cowlitz Valley District, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA & Columbia National Forest, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Randle Ranger Station, Washington (new 5/27/01)

Albert D. Herrin, CCCMan, SCS Camp, Moscow, Idaho (new 8/17/01)

Olis S. Hess, CCCMan, Unknown Company, Iowa

John T. Hibbert, CCCman, Fifth Section, Company 1262, Camp F-54. Donnally, Idaho (updated 1/17/01)

Woodrow "Woody" Hipsher, CCC Subaltern, Senior Leader, Army Overhead, Company 1716, SCS, Lewiston, Minnesota & Company 1716, SCS-MO-18, Savannah, Mo & Company 3745, SCS-MO-5, Kahoka, Mo & Company 3745, Columbus, Missouri & Subaltern School, Jefferson Barracks, Missouri & Unkown Company, Pilot Grove, Missouri (new 1/15/01)

Rudolph Elmer Hoff, Company 653 Camp Clam Lake Wisconsin, Camp Boot Lake -Townsend, Wisconsin

Anthony S. Hollman, CCCMan (new 8/26/01)

James Lafayette Holloway, Enrollee, CCC Man, Hawthorne, Nevada & Bishop, California, CCC (updated 10/20/03, new 10/10/03)

George Holveck, Jr., CCC Man, Company 867, Juanita Springs, Colorado (new 3/18/01)

Ausley Clarence Horton, CCCman,  Company V-2775, Camp Mandan, North Dakota (new 8/18/99)

Michael Hotolsky, CCC Man, Company 205, Camp S-57 & Company 204, Camp S-82 (new 3/11/01)

William Paul Howland, CCCman, Columbia Station, Ohio (new 8/17/00)

Frederick James Hubert, CCC Man, Company 1380 Camp S-118, Huntley PA (new 12/5/17)

John Henry Hubert, CCCMan, Hobart, Oklahoma & Yukon, Oklahoma & Colorado (new 7/17/01)

John Hudak, Pennsylvania

Edward Huey, CCCMan, Alaska (new 5/19/01)

Ben H. Hunt, Senior Leader, Enrollee, Company 3780, Camp Big Sur, Big Sur, Pfeiffer Redwood State Park, California &  Company 3780, Camp White River, Mt Ranlen, Parkland, Washington & Co. 4768 Camp Moran, Orcas Island, Washington & Company 947, Orcas Island, , Washington (new 2/18/07)

William Fisher Irwin, CCC Man, Virginia (new 3/12/01)

Bill E. R. Iund, CCC Man, Company 853, Dayton, Ohio (new 4/11/01)

Jesse F. Ivins, Jr., CCC man, Company 298, Placerville, California (updated 2/15/01)

Paul Maynard Jackett, CCC Man, Skokie Lagoon, Camp SP-IL, Winnetka, Illinois (new 3/14/01)

Virgil Jahns, CCCMan, Company 2616, Merril, Wisconsin (new 2/3/01)

Alex James, Enrollee, Company 1530 Camp Mohican in Loudonville, Ohio & Company 544, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming & Company 558 Devil's Elbow, Idaho (new 7/12/05, updated 8/25/05)

George James, CCC Man, Camp SCS-5-C, Springfield, CO & Camp NP-4-C, Estes, Colorado (new 4/9/01)

Harry J. Jenkins, Lt. Col. USAF, CCC Staff (then Lt. USA), Company 140, Fort Devins, Massachussetts & Company 1102 Otter River Forest, Wichendon, Maine & Coompany 1156, Sandy Mountain and Chicopee Falls, Massachussetts & Company 4106 Savoy Park, Massachussetts (new 4/7/03)

Charles Jessup, Company 2325, Camp Charles E. Baer Camp (S-144-Pa), Emporium, Pennsylvania

Joseph Louis Johns, Enrollee, Company 1418, Camp P-71, Sulphur Springs, Florida (new 9/23/02)

Ben Johnson, CCCMan, Company 1302, Camp Ostrich Bay, Camp Navy-1, Bremerton, WA & Company 2911, Camp F-85, North Bend, Washington (new 1/24/01)

Darwin Allen Johnson, CCCMan, Unknown Company

Don Johnson, Assistant Leader, CCCman, Company 1302, Camp Ostrich Bar, Bremerton, Washington & Company 2911, North Bend, Washington (new 1/3/01)

John E. Johnson, Staff, Company 2878, San Augustine, Texas

Marion Johnson, CCCMan, Company 3842, Camp D.G.-9-C, Kline, Colorado & Camp DG-9, Camp Peaceful Valley, Red Mesa, Colorado (new 9/20/01)

Marion F. Johnson, CCCman, CC5-71323, Company 560, Camp F-160, Gold Center, Clarkia, Idaho & Camp P-216, Camp Las Posadas, Angwin, California (new 1/3/01)

Paul Howard Johnson, CCCMan, Farmington, Pennsylvania (new 3/23/01)

Robert Barnes Johnson, Lt., Co Commander, Camp Van Etten, New York & Camp Selkirk, Selkirk Shores State Park, New York (new 2/17/01)

Roy L. Johnson, CCCMan, Company 667, Raco, Michigan (new 3/22/01)

Gaylord Clinton Jolly, Jr., CCCMan, Enrollee, Camp Luzerne, Michigan (new 4/29/07)

Chauncey D. Jones, Capt., Company 6413, Camp Whitmore, P-203, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, excerpt of letter, Use Back Key to Return

Francis D. Jones, Company Commander, New Roads, Louisiana (new 4/24/01)

Leslie David Jones, CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 869, Farmersville and Kaufman Texas (new 11/02/06)

John J. Jurras, CCC Educational Advisor, Company 146, Marshfield, Vermont ( new 1/10/00 )

James F. Justin, Co. 1229 Camp SCS-6 Machias NY c.35-36, Co. 1295, Camp MC-54, Magnolia DE 1936-37 (updated 4/4/01)

Owen Justin, CCC Man, Company 118, Camp S-55, East Jaffrey, N.H. (updated 3/4/01)

Charles Kadlowec, CCCMan, Company 2526, Camp G-143, Rogerson, Idaho (new 5/1/01)

James C. Keene, CCCman, CCC Alumni Scty, Co. 5442 Wells Tannery, PA & Co. 5541 Logan Dale, NV / Las Vegas, NV / Camp P-85 Brooker, Florida (New 5/25/99)

Christopher Martin Keller, CCCman, Camp S-80-Pa, Masten, Pa (New 3/8/99)

Charles Kierniesky, CCCman, Parvin State Park, Pitsgrove Township, New Jersey (new 11/22/00)

Jessie Lee Kilgore, CCC Man, Company 4426, Camp SCS-3, Lexington, Mississippi & Camp SCS-25, Winona, Mississippi (updated 4/9/01)

Sam G. King, Company 468 near Oxford, Alabama (updated 11/2/00)

Rudolph Kirchgassner, CCCman, Company 293, Camp MP-2, Vicksburg, Mississippi & Company 293, Camp P-209, Pine Grove, California (updated 2/16/01)

John F. Clemens / John F. Klementowski, CCCMan, Company 293, Camp MP-2, Vicksburg, Mississippi & Camp P-209, Pine Grove, California (new 6/28/01)

'June' Warner Pendleton Knick, Jr., CCCMan, Company 3869, Cuyamanca Rancho, California (new 1/10/01)

James E. Knight, CCC Man, Company 1813, SP-9, Ardmore/Davis, Oklahoma & Company 868, Camp BR-59-CO, Camp Green Mountain, Palisade Colorado (new 12/18/00)

Wesley Knipe, CCCMan, Company 1147, Warner, New Hampshire (new 10/14/01)

Richard F. Knox, CCCMan, Company 956, Camp Taft, Camp F-9-MT, Haugan, Montana (new 2/1/01)

Robert J. Koffron, CCCman, Company 1664, Camp Paradise, S-127, Eckerman, Fort Brady District. Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, Company 669, Camp Steuben, F-8, Manistique, Michigan ( updated 4/20/01)

Leo C. Kreigh, Jr., CCC Man, Company 210, Katonah NY & Carmel Camp, NY & Sea Girt Camp, NJ, Company 2211, Camp AF-2, Fort Dix, NJ ( new 10/30/00)

James J. La Guidice, CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 226,  Camp SP-86, Storm King Mountain, Cornwall, New York (new 11/29/04)

Herbert S. Lake, CCCMan, Company 1952, Camp Big Sur, Camp SP-12-CA, Big Sur State Park, California & Yosemite National Park, Crane Flats, California & Company 1913, Kings Canyon National Park, Empire Meadows, California (new 2/1/01)

W. Scott Lamb, CCCMan, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, North Dakota (new 6/19/01)

Howard L. Lange, M.D., Camp Physician, Unknown CCC Camp in Ozarks, Missouri (new 3/13/01)

John Lawson, CCCMan, Company 1807, Saratoga, Wyoming & Eureka, Utah (new 6/2/01)

Lucian Layne, Enrollee, Company 793, Camp Sharden, Hill City, South Dakota (new 6/30/02)

William Leggat, CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 2328, Shelocta, Pennsylvania (new 12/30/04)

Roy S. Lehman, Enrollee, Company 1220, Carmel, New York & Company 3208, Hiese, Idaho (new 6/23/04)

Robert L. Leisure, CCCman, Company 2514 at a Camp near Fort Douglas, Utah and Company 2529 at Camp DG-33 Henieville, Utah (new 5/6/00)

Norman N. Len, Company 2530, Camp DG-35, Milford, Utah (new 11/11/00)

William Levitt, Leader, Enrollee, Company 225, Lovelock, Nevada & Averill Park, New York (new 11/20/03)

Frank Lewis, NYA, 1936-1941 (new 5/17/00)

Jack Lewis, Company 1295, Camp MC-54, Magnolia, DE & Co. 1224, Camp MC-51, Lewes, DE & Company 3221, Camp MC-55, Leipsic Delaware (new 2/5/01)

Robert H. Lewis, CCCMan, Company 990, SP-12, Big Sur, California (new 8/26/00)

Arthur Lien, CCCman, Company 1723, Walker, Minnesota (new 3/27/01)

Louie Caswell Linkous, CCCStaff (either Commander or Project Superintendent), Either Company 3549 or Company 3510, Ronceverts, West Virginia (new 8/16/01)

Wendell Littleton, Unknown Company and Camp near Lost Creek, Lassen State Park,California

Clyde Tubby Littrell, Company 1540, Camp Cromwell, John James Audubon State Park, Henderson, Kentucky, Use back Key to Return (added 4/13/01)

William Livingston, Enrollee, Company 1195, Camp S-54, Hadden, Connecticut (new 3/7/04)

George Lockwood, CCCman, Co. 3556, Camp DG-115, Green River, Utah (updated 10/30/01)

Anthony Longo, CCCMan, Company 1283, Camp F-29, Prichard, Idaho (updated 6/5/01 new 1/16/01)

Louis Longo, CCCMan, Hamlin Beach, New York & Fort Niagara, New York (new 1/16/01)

Michael Longo, CCCMan, Company 287, Camp SP-19, Stratford, Baynesville, Virginia (new 5/4/01)

Ray Lower, CCC Enrollee, Company 920, Camp Orleans, Camp F-22-CA, Orleans, California (new 7/10/02)

Curtis Luther, CCCMan, Wall Doxie State Park, Hollysprings, Mississippi & Unknown Camp, New York, Use Back Key To Return (new 6/7/01)

George Lynn, Co. 263, Camp TVA-11, LaFollette, TN. Camp TVA-29, Lexington, TN, Camp Sisters F-110, Camp Sherman, OR, Camp Odell Lake F-96, Crescent Lake, OR, Camp Mill Creek F-112, Prineville, OR, This Link Seems to have gone bad Use Back Key To Return

Richard Lytle, CCCMan, Company 793, Camp F-9, Hill City, South Dakota (new 1/19/01)

Leon Madden, Company 747, Camp F-1, Eagleton, AR & Camp F-31, Paris, Arkansas (new 9/24/02)

Santo Marciano, Assistant Leader, Company 3225m Camp GLO-5, Elkton, Oregon (new 9/21/03)

Walter Marsh, CCCMan, Company 959, Mount Pleasant, Utah and Fairview, Utah (new 7/1/01)

Frank Allen Martin, Enrollee, Company 3342, Petrified Forest & Grand Canyon, Arizona (new 3/7/04)

Lawrence Martin, CCC Man, Rutland, Vermont ( new 11/9/00)

Charles William Mays, Col., Company Commander, Company 1538, Camp P-54, Camp Wyoming, Pineville, West Virginia (new 2/11/01)

Frank Burchett Maupin, Jr., CCC Man, Camp S-53, Putney, Harlan County, Kentucky (updated 4/20/01)

George E. McCormick Jr., Army Staff, Lt, Russian River, Idaho & Seiad Valley, California & Lovelock, Nevada (new 5/17/01)

Lawrence McDermitt, CCCMan, Unknown Company

O. S. McIver, CCCman,  Laramie, Wyoming (new 8/16/99)

Claude McGinnis, CCCMan, Company 3761, Camp SCS-21-MO, California, Missouri & Company 4736, Horseshoe Bend, Boise ID & Camp SCS-9, Black Canyon, Emmett, Idaho (new 2/4/01)

Robert McMilin, Enrollee, Unknown Company, Camp F-394, Camp Sims aka Camp Shasta, Mt. Shasta, California (new 6/9/04)

Michael Medes, CCCMan, Camp S-91, North Brook Field, New York & Camp S-120, Brustton, New York & Camp 229, Emida, Idaho & Camp S-131, Sherburne, New York (new 2/2/01)

John Benjamin Meers, CCCMan, Camp Georgia Suches, Georgia (new 9/16/01)

Phil Middelstadt, CCCman, Company 1714, Camp S-82, Big Fork, Minnesota, Hovland, Minnesota (new 4/1/01)

Lloyd Mielke, CCCman, Co. 1994, Camp F-142, Priest River, Idaho (updated 5/22/02)

Michael Mihalko, Chenango Valley State Park, Chenango Forks, Pulaski, New York & Company 293, Camp NF-9, Port Angeles, Washington & Company 3224, Camp SCS-9, Washington (updated 4/15/00)

James Peyton Miller, CCCMan, Yellowstone National Park (new 5/15/01)

Robert L. Miller, Company 999, Pine Grove California, Use Back Key to Return (added 4/13/01)

Jack E. Milner, Company Clerk, Assistant Leader, Company 2942, Camp Soda Springs, Yakima, Washington & Company 945, Goldendale, Washington (updated 4/29/01)

Raymond Mingus, Leader, CCCMan, Company Clerk, Company 562, Camp Devils Elbow, Prichard Idaho (new 11/24/06)

Guy Minnick, CCCman, Pennsylvania (New 5/2/99)

John W. Mitchell, Sr. (Jay Mitchell), CCCMan, Rapid City South Dakota & Clarksville-Oak, Arkansas (new 6/18/01)

James Monk, CCCMan, Co. 349, Big Stone Gap, VA

Edwin C. Moore, Camp Calvin #F165407, Winnfield, LA; Camp #F394406, Mayfield Utah; Camp #P501486, Ephraim Utah;Spike camp at Ferron Reservior

Lowell "Red" Moore, CCC Enrollee, Company 766, Kramer, North Dakota & Company 5704, Kooskia, Idaho & Camp F-190, Lowell, Idaho (new 6/8/03)

Carlton Morby, CCC Man, Salmon River, Salmon, Idaho (new 12/29/00)

Joseph Morgan Sr., Enrollee, Camp 122, Newport, NH & Camp 104, Cape Cod Canal & Camp 105, Freetown, MA (new 8/3/03)

William R. Morris, Unspecified Company and Camp, Chatsworth, New Jersey

Gerald Wayne Morrison, CCCman, Salmon, Idaho (new 3/21/01)

W. H. Mowery, Enrollee, CCCMan, Trout Lake, Washington & Company 5481, Orkridge, Oregon & Clanton, Alabama & Camp Van Horn, Columbus, Georgia (new 1/29/03)

Paul Avis Mullins, CCCMan, Company 2382, Camp Dickenwise, Camp P-79-Va, Clintwood, VA & Camp Mullen, VA (new 1/15/18)

George J. Mulligan, CCCMan, Branchville, New Jersey & Florence, Oregon (new 4/22/01)

Joseph Leo Murray, CCCMan, Company 3342, Camp NM-1, Petrified Forest National Monument, Adamana, Arizona (new 3/27/01)

Joe Musilek, Leader, Camp Naches, Washington, President NACCCA Chapter 172 (new 2/15/01)

Wesley E. Muth, CCCMan, Company 1433, Hyrum, Utah & Lake Ontario, New York & Lily Lake State Park, Binghamton, New York (updated 9/09/02)

Raymond William Near, CCCMan, Enrollee, Flagstaff, Maine (new 2/21/07)

Dawson H. Needham, CCCman, Death Valley, California & Sequoia National Park, California (new 7/9/01)

Gerald R. Neeser, CCC Enrollee, 1967th Company, Camp G-153, Lucine, Utah (new 10/31/02)

Donald Luther Nelson, CCCman, Washington and or Montana (new 6/23/01)

Harold E. Nelson, CCCman, Company 1694, Camp SCS-11, Mt. Honeb, Wisconsin ( new 12/1/00)

Eugene Nero, CCC Guest, Camp Danville, Oakwood, Illinois (new 8/3/01)

Chester R. Nichols, CCCMan, Company 934, Camp F-14, Darrington, Washington (new 3/23/01)

Dr. M. Chester Nolte, Educational Instructor, WPA, Company 769, Indianapola, IA (updated 1/31/00)

Sterling Nunn, CCC Man, Company 4703, Council Grove, Kansas (new 4/19/01)

William Eldon Oakes, Unknown Company near Dekalb, Mississippi

Chester Obremski, Enrollee, Unknown Company, Miles Standish State Forest, Plymouth, Massachusetts & Company 2115, Maupin (Wamio) Wapinitia, Oregon

Wesley Samuel Oden,  A CCC History page with history and photos of Mr. Oden a veteran

John J. Ogert, CCC Enrollee, Company , Camp G-118, Elko Nevada & Company 1602, Necedah, Wisconsin (updated 11/9/02, new 10/19/02)

Vic Olsen, CCCMan, Company 937, Washington (new 12/9/00)

Harold Claude Osborn & Fred Wesley Osborn, Enrollees, Company 1761, Camp SCS-4, Walla Walla, Washington (new 1/2/04)

Wilfred Osman (Bill Osman), Assistant Leader, CCCMan, Company 1660, Quincy, Illinois (updated 3/10/01)

Bob Ott, CCCMan, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming & Prichard, Idaho (updated 6/27/01)

Mathew J. Pacana, CCCman, Company 340, Division of Grazing, Camp DG-46-A, Round Valley, Kingman, Arizona ( updated 2/12/01)

Hobart Parish, CCC Man, Company 1474, Camp Montgomery, Clarksville, TN & Camp P-63 Forest Service then SCS-8, Murfreesboro, TN (updated 5/13/01)

Walter C. Parrott, Jr., CCCMan, Camp Nile Creek, & Camp near Carnation, Washington & Camp Naches (new 2/9/01)

Leonard F. Parucha, Camp Shinglebranch, North Bend Pennsylvania, Use Back Key to Return

Edward Paszko, CCCMan (new 3/25/01)

James Lee Patterson, CCCman, Unknown Company, Lake Okibojea, Iowa

Junior K. Paugh, CCCman, Co 326, Meadow Mountain, VA & Co 2352, Quantico, Virginia, 1st Vice President CCC Alumni Chapter 113, Maryland (New 5/20/99)

Simon Bland Pearce, Enrollee, CCCMan, Company 411, Camp NP-5-NC, Camp Kephart Prong, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Smokemont, North Carolina (new 7/27/03)

Thomas E. Pendergast, Leader, CCCman. Company 2604, Knoxville, Galesburg, Illinois (new 3/30/01)

Evan W. Penry, CCCMan, Unknown Company

Norman P. Perkins, CCCMan, Camp F-132, Prichard, Idaho (updated 3/2/04)

Herschel Perlman, M.D., Camp Physician, Company 2767, Camp DSP-7, Medora, North Dakota (updated 3/18/01)

John E. Peters, CCCMan, Company 3701/3901, Pendleton, Oregon & St. Mary's Idaho (updated 4/4/01)

Lawrence C. Peterson, CCC Man, Company 548, Camp F-145, Big Tujunga Canyon, California (new 3/1/01)

John J. Petrunis, CCCMan, Army Overhead Key Man, Company 267 TVA-12, Speedwell, Tennessee & Camden, Tennessee & Drain, Oregon & Unknown Company, Slaughter's Beach, Delaware (updated 3/30/01)

Mike Piazza, CCCMan, Company 1291, Centreville, New York (new 1/26/01)

Claude L. Pitcher, Company 2617, Camp F-31, Camp Sawyer, Hayward / Winter, Wisconsin (updated 5/16/01)

Ed Pittman, CCC Man, Enrollee, Appalachian Trail (new 3/17/06)

Peter F. Plyter, First Sergeant, CCCMan, Company 1205, Canby, Oregon & Ileac Oregon (new 7/23/01)

Donald D. Pointer, CCC Man, The Ledges State Park, Boone & Ames, Iowa (new 4/30/01)

Joseph F. Pollick, CCCMan, Company 2865, Camp DG-46, Kingman, Arizona (new 2/25/01)

Paul Pope, Enrollee, First Cook, Company 4480, Camp SP-10, Hunting Island, Beaufort / Frogmore, South Carolina & Company 4477, Camp SCS-24, Bishopville, South Carolina (new 6/6/05)

Ernest E. Portwood, Enrollee, Company 1302, Camp F-6-W, Jackson, WY, Company 833, Camp F-2-W, Buffalon, WY & Camp SP-1-N, Sante Fe, NM & Camp F-30-N, San Marcial, NM & Camp F-9-W, Lander, WY (new 6/30/02)

Claude William Potts, Company 3888, F-61-C, Fort Collins, CO (updated 3/11/01)

Curtis M. Queen, CCC Man, Gallipolis, Ohio (new 4/7/01)

Lynn Race, CCC Man, New York, and other location (updated 4/22/01)

Peter Race, CCC Man, New York (updated 4/22/01)

Stanley Rak, Leader, CCCMan, Company 129, Ludlow, Vermont & Company 2142, Danby, Vermont & SCS Camp, Poultney, Vermont (Updated 5/12/03, new 4/27/03)

Cecil L. Ragland, CCCMan, Company 2383, Camp SP-26, Quantico, Virginia (new 4/17/01)

Olivet Randall, CCCman, Leipsic Delaware

Lawrence E. Rapson, CCC Man, Enrollee, Unknown Company and Camp, Michigan (new 8/15/06)

Malcolm F. Reed, Col., Company Commander, Company 318, Camp NF-1, Pigeon, Pennsylvania & Company 2319, Camp ANF-13, Sheffield, Pennsylvania & Company, 2312, Camp SCS-9, Goldsboro, Maryland (new 11/26/01)

Ralph A. "Sparky" Reeves, CCCman / Foreman, Companies 2904 & 1305,  Camp Devil's Flat (LEM),  Roseburg, Oregon / Camp Diamond Lake, Roseburg Oregon / Camp Rand, Grants Pass, Oregon (Updated 2/8/99)

Russell L. Reininger, Assistant Leader, CCCMan, Company 831, Camp SP-3-NM, Roswell, New Mexico (updated 7/11/01)

Edwin Remmick, Company 2761, Sidney, Montana 1938 - 1940 Use Back Key To Return

Bernard L. Rice, CCC Neighbor (new 11/29/04)

Tom Y. Richardson, CCC Man, Cook (new 3/12/01)

Ernest Richmond, CCCMan, Company 1547 V, Camp SCS-6, Camp Jackson, Ripley, West Virginia & Company 1580, Camp F-19, Minnehaha, West Virginia (updated 1/24/01)

Felix O. Ripkowski, CCC Man, Oklahoma ( new 10/10/00 )

William L. Ritchie, Brig Gen., Commander Co. 614, Camp Starved Rock, Utica, Ill. / Staff, Camp Cluster. Michigan, Later became USAF General, Use Back Key To Return

Robert L. Robeson, NACCCA National Secretary, CCCMan, Company 1852, Camp F-24-WY, Camp Wapiti, Wyoming (updated 4/20/01)

Evans Robinson, Leader, CCCMan, Woodbine Camp. Belleplain State Forest, Woodbine, New Jersey (new 8/17/02)

John Robinson, Leader, CCCMan, Unknown Company, Belton, MT (new 12/15/17)

Joe Rodimak, Enrollee, Company 1392, Camp D-2 Goldsboro, MD (new 11/03/05)

Stan Rogers, CCCMan, Company 2133, Camp BR-7, Camp Deaver, Wyoming

Willie James Roper, Co. 3424 Dist "C",  Andalusia, AL, CO. 3474, Dist. "B", Forestry, Ft. Barrancas, FL

Robert Root, CCCMan, Company 1529, Camp PE, Camp Washington, Decatur, Ohio & Camp Jackson, Ohio (new 3/27/01)

Oran C. Rose, CCCMan, Camp SP-2-CO, Evergreen and Boulder Colorado & Camp SP-7-OK, Davis, Oklahoma (new 5/3/01)

Arley Ross, CCCMan, Company 613, Illini State Park, Marscallas, Illinois & Company 2605, Thornton, Illinois (new 3/12/01)

Nicholas Rossi, Leader, CCCMan, Company 1264 & Company 1243, Camp NP(D)-2-NY, Pine Camp, Fort Drum, Carthage, New York (updated 5/10/01)

Edward R. Roybal, Congressman, Use Back Key To Return

Ed Ruple, Mess Sergeant, CCCMan, Company 709, Grand Marias, Minnesota & Crescent City, California & Company 1730, Bunker, Missouri (updated 3/17/01)

Issac Jackson Ryles, CCCMan, 1938-1940 (new 2/9/01)

Natale J. Sabatino, CCCman, Company 3274, unknown camp at La Grande, Oregon & Camp DG-93, Keating, Oregon (updated 3/26/01)

Howard Sabel, Enrollee, CCCMan, Unknown Company, Camp Wayne, Camp SCS-25, Beatrice, Neb. & Winside, Nebraska (new 6/11/04)

Raymond Saladin, Enrollee, CCCMan, Company 259, Plattsburgh, NY (while forming) & Company 1290, Camp 212, Headquarters, Idaho (new 1/29/03)

Virgil R. Sams, CCCman, Co. 2950, Camp SCS-9, Camp Two Camps, Lompoc, California (updated 6/20/01)

Harold Sandberg, CCCMan, Company 1302, Camp Navy-1, Ostrich Bay, Bremerton WA & Company 2911, North Bend, Washington (new 1/25/01)

Woody Sanders, CCCMan, Houston, Minnesota & Idaho (new 5/16/01)

Walter J. Saurack, CCC Man, Company 1290, Camp 212, Lewiston Idaho (new 1/18/04)

Nicholas V. Sawick, CCCMan, Company 1219, Shrewsbury County, Vermont (new 5/6/01)

Harry Saxman, Sr., aka Ed Saxman, Enrollee, Camp Ole Bull, Potter County, Pennsylvania (new 2/23/04)

Eugene Thomas Scanlon, Engineer, Company 831, Camp SP-3-NM, Roswell, New Mexico (new 5/22/05)

Frank J. Schmalz, Senior Leader, Company 765, Camps near Boyes, Montana, Ekalaka, Montana and Mohall, North Dakota ( updated 4/24/01 )

Charles S. Schmeltzer, CCCMan, Camp Robert Fechner, Fort Meade Military Reservation, Sturgis, South Dakota (new 3/9/01)

Joseph Schmidig, CCCman, Company 263, Camp F-112, Prineville, Oregon, Ochoco National Forest (updated 1/1100)

Harry Schorr, MD, Lt., Medical Supervisor, Subdistrict No. 8, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, US Army

Clarence Schroeter, CCCman, Limestone County, Athens, Alabama (New 8/31/00)

Arthur Schwarz, Company 2115, Camp Simnasho, Oregon (updated 6/13/99)

Anthony Scurato, Company 294, Camp Tawana, Camp NP-5. Enumclaw, Bellfair, Washington (updated 3/4/01)

Lewis J. Seeman, Foreman, CCCStaff, Unknown Company and Camp, Tuckaho, New Jersey (new 1/10/01)

Andrew ShawCCC Man, Company 1273, Camp S-212, Elk River, Idaho & Unknown Company Camp, Idaho (new 9/30/04)

W. R. Shaw, Leader, Company 852, Padegonia, Arizona & Yampa, Colorado (new 9/30/04)

Marion F. Shean, CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 1241, Camp S-122, Boonville, New York (new 11/30/06)

Joe Shega, CCCMan, Isabella, MN (new 3/22/01)

Beurnis W. Sherrod, Enrollee, Co. 880, Patroon, Texas, Co. 2887, Camp F-18-T, Milam, Texas (new 9/13/04)

Leonard Sherry, President Chapter 39, NACCCA, CCCman, Company 932, Camp Naches, Camp F-70-WA, Naches, Washington (new 1/8/01)

Roy Shockley (Dutch Shockley), CCCMan, Company 692, Giant City State Park, Makanda, Illinois (new 3/10/01)

Arvid K. Shook, CCCman, Alkali Lake, Oregon (New 4/19/99)

Bonnie Joe Simmons, CCC Man, Company 3796, Plainview, Arkansas (new 12/25/00)

William W. Slattery, CCCMan, Company 791, Camp Lightning Creek, Black Hills, Custer, South Dakota (new 11/6/01)

George Slowik, Company 3343, Camp F127, Priest River Idaho, & Flagstaff, AZ, & Spokane, WA

Dr. Clarence B. Smith, Camp Doctor, Company 245, Kooskia, Idaho (updated 4/27/01)

James R. Smith, CCCMan, Company 4436, Evergreen AL & Company 1490 Robertsdale AL

Joseph Darr Smith, CCCman, Three Rivers, California, Sequoia National Forest (new 10/9/00)

Melvin M. Smith, CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 971, Alexander Flats Camp F-175, Alexander Flats, Idaho (new 11/28/04)

W. R. Snyder, Jr., CCCMan, Camp Hunts Run, Cameron, Pennsylvania (new 1/29/01)

Robert H. Sockey, CCCMan, Indian Division, Five Civilized Tribes, Bull Hollow Camp, Oklahoma

Gaither Speaks, Sr., CCCMan, Camps Triangle Lake & Jefferson Barracks, Washington (new 2/23/01)

Henry A. Springer, CCC Man, Company 346, Camp #87, Ole Bull, Pennsylvania (new 4/17/01)

James Welch States, Company 2325, Camp Charles E. Baer Camp (S-144-Pa), Emporium, Pennsylvania (new 8/27/00)

John Steele, CCCMan, Company 1237, Camp F-62, Auburn, California & Blister Rust Camp, Fernwood, Idaho (updated 1/18/01)

Dr. William Stein, Camp Doctor, Col., Company 2609, Camp DSP-10, Des Plaines, Illinois (new 2/23/01)

Charles H. Steinhauer, CCC Man, Company Clerk, Company 3222, Camp D-1, Wyoming, Delaware & Company 1256, SCS-6, Moab & SCS-8, Monticello, Utah ( updated 12/23/00)

Russell C. String, Enrollee, Company 1258, Camp Saddle Mountain, SP-11, Seaside, Oregon (new 1/9/07)

Willard Stromberg recalls Civilian Conservation Corps experiences CCC Veterans story

Clifford "Cliff" Stroud, Unknown Camp and Company, near Winston-Salem, NC

Lyle Stroud, Unknown Camp and Company, Will County Preserve (McKinley Woods), Channahon, IL

Wilbur C. Sullivan, CCCman, CC7-186303, Camp F-14, Bardley, Missouri (new 6/5/01)

William Henry Sullivan, CCC Man, Camp 9, Priest River, Idaho & Leadmine, West Virginia (new 11/3/00)

Donald Laverne Swafford, Sr., CCCman, Co. 855, Camp Doniphan, El Paso, Texas / Unknown Company & Camp, Oregon (new 3/20/99)

Paul Swancara, Co. 212, Camp SP-11, Laurens, New York

Carl W. Swanson, Company 2911, Camp North Bend, Camp F-85, North Bend, Washington (new 12/9/04)

Harold F. Sweeney, CCCman, Company 2142, Danby, Vermont (new 4/9/99)

James L. Tate, CCCMan, Illinois and Wisconsin (new 3/6/01)

Edwin W. Taylor, Forester, Camp P-62, Southport, North Carolina (updated 4/13/01)

Harry Taylor, CCCman, Belzoni & Meridian, Mississippi

Harold L. Taylor, CCCMan, Camp Lake Sullivan, Metaline Falls, Washington & Company 949, Camp SP-7, Seven Mile, Washington (updated 4/1/01)

Philip E. Teague, CCCMan, Company 2863, Camp SCS-24A, Rucker Canyon, Douglas, Arizona (new 4/2/01)

Jasper N. Terry, CCC Man, Company 3747, Paris Missourri & Wentzville, Missouri (updated 1/4/01)

Edgar C. Thompson, CCCman, Co. 399 Neffer Mills, Unknown State, Camp SS-22, Unknown location, Camp in Huntington Pa, Co. 2358, Camp SCS-7 South Hills, Va. (new 8/16/99)

John H. Thompson, CCCMan, Pierre, South Dakota

John H. Thornton, CCCman, White River, St. Charles, Arkansas (new 4/15/01)

John R. Van Til, CCCman, Company 673, Camp Wolverine, Petoskey, MI (new 4/15/01)

Lawrence Tinsley, CCC Man, Unknown Company

Joseph Anthony Traina, CCCMan, Company 263, Camp F-112, Prineville, Oregon (new 6/27/01)

Wallace C. Trotter, CCCMan, Camp Buck Knot, Mt. Ida, Arkansas (new 7/2/01)

George Trummer, CCC Man, Company 4601, Camp Twin Bridges, Camp G-118, Elko Nevada (new 3/13/01)

Richard Trummer, CCC Man, Company 4601, Camp Twin Bridges, Camp G-118, Elko Nevada (new 3/13/01)

Martin Tucker, CCCman

Harlie Glen Turner, CCCMan, Plattville, Wisconsin, Use Back Key to Return

James T. Twine, Enrollee, Company 424, Camp BS-3-NC, New Holland North Carolina & Company 5492, Crystal Springs Camp, Grant Grove Village, Kings Canyon National Park, California & Company 5492, Camp MA-2, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California (new 3/15/04)

Lloyd Ussery, Unknown Company and Camp near Carrollton, IL

Emmet William Vandenberg, CCCMan, Unknown Company

George Varsho, CCC Man, Company 2343, Fort Union Camp, Fork Union Virginia (new 5/10/01)

Leo Grover Vaughn, CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 1802, Camp P-64, Smithville, Oklahoma & Company 858, Camp SP-5-W, Thermopolis, Wyoming & Company 3853, Camp SP-15-O, Ponca City, Oklahoma &  Company 3853, Camp DG-11-C, Redvale, Colorado (new 8/25/05)

Joseph J. Vinopal, Sr., CCC Man, Company 2619, Camp Boot Lake, Townsend, Wisconsin ( new 1/10/00 )

Henry B Voigts, CCCman, Unknown Company and Camps in Santa Rosa & Hawthorne, Nevada, Staff Member Co. 6453, Camp G-120, Golconda

Louis Wadsworth, Enrollee, Company 2896, Camp White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX (modified 11/6/02, new 11/3/02)

John Jacob Walden, CCCman, Company 4493, Camp Near Norris Dam, TN

Adolph Wall, CCCman, Placerville, California

Prentice Walls, CCC Man, CCC, Co. 2548, NYP-7, #3 Wawona, Wawona, California (new 1/15/18)

Francis R. Walsh, CCCman, Company 2133, Deaver, Wyoming (New 4/17/99)

Francis L. Waters, CCCMan, Company 602 (new 2/12/01)

Henry Weaver, CCCman, Company 3710, Camp Waterville, MN, Camp Maple Lake, MN, 1940 (new 3/31/01)

Charles Vexil Domus Weisgerber, 2nd Lt., CCC Paymaster, 114th Infantry Regiment, 44th Infantry Division, New Jersey National Guard, US Army (new 7/1/06)

Adam Welker, CCCman, Company 1274, Camp F-16, Yellowstone National Park, Jackson, Wyoming (updated 7/17/01)

Wayman Wells, CCCman,  NACCCA Regional Director, NACCCA Hall of Fame, Use Back Key To Return

Ellis Werries, CCCMan, Company 1761, Camp Third River, S-59, Alvood, Minnesota, & Unknown Camp, Baudette, Minnesota & Camp SCS-4, Walla Walla, Washington (new 1/29/01)

John Paul Westfall, CCCman, Unknown Company and Camp, Washington and Oregon State

Emanuel Anton Wetzstein, Company 2775 V, Mandan, North Dakota

Advance "Vance" Wheeler, CCCman, c.1940-41, Co. 4436, Evergreen, Alabama / Co. 6411, Camp Lava Beds, Tulelake, California

David Churchill White, CCCMan, Foreman, Leader, Company 1276, Camp S-62, Hackettstown, New Jersey & Other Unknown Camp SE USA (new 4/09/15)

Ralph Wilcox, CCCman, Company 849, Camp P-35-WY, Ten Sleep, Wyoming, Meadowlark Lake Dam, Big Horn Mountains (new 5/10/00)

Joseph Billips Wiles, CCCMan, Unknown Company

William Wilkie, Enrollee, CCC Man, Company 4601, Camp Twin Bridges, Elko, Nevada (new 1/4/08)

Del B. Williams, Senior Leader / Company Clerk, CCCman, Company 1302, Camp YNP-1, Mammoth, Yellowstone National Park, Gardner, Montana & Camp Basin, RSF-16, Targhee Mountain, West Yellowstone, Montana & Camp F-57, Squaw Creek, Bozeman, Montana & Camp Nine Mile, Remount Depot, Missoula, Montana (new 1/9/01)

Leo V. Williams, CCC Subaltern, Mess Steward, Company Clerk, First Aid Orderly, CCCman, Company 1795, Camp SP-2, Camp Doren, North Dakota, & Company 1793, Camp Pine Creek, SP-1, Mt. Rushmore & Company 1793, Camp Lodge, SP-4, Mount Rushmore & Company 2754, Camp Wind Cave, NP-1 Wind Cave National Park, Hot Springs, South Dakota & Company 2754, Badlands National Monument, Wall, South Dakota (new 1/10/01)

Lyall Wilson, CCCMan, Duchesne,Utah & Salina, Utah & Gunlock, Utah & Cedar City, Utah (new 6/11/01)

Robert L. Winston,  CCC Alumni Home page with biography and some general CCC history Use Back Key To Return

Carl E. Wise, Enrollee, Vernal, Ohio (new 12/13/03)

Cecil L. Wohlwinder, Co 509, F-7, Williamsburg, KY; Co 585 CA, MT, UT; Co 543, Mammoth Cave, KY; Co 3563, Carlisle, KY (updated 5/23/01)

Stephen J. Wojciechowicz, CCCman (new 4/22/01)

Clifton Woods, Company 482, Camp SP-2, Tupelo, MS, Unknown Company, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wendell Workman, CCC Man, Camp BR-UT, Utah (new 3/14/01)

Jesse Wright, CCC Man, Tucson, Arizona (new 3/5/01)

John David Wright, Enrollee, Unknown Company, Laramie Wyoming (new 3/24/04)

Scott Harman Wyeth, CCC Man, Porterville, California (new 8/17/00)

Joseph F. Wyson (Joseph Wysocki),CCC Man, likely Leader or Assistant Leader, CCC Camp Manistique, Michigan / Soldier, 106th Infantry Division, WWII, USA (new 7/2/12)

Albert J. Yascavage, CCC Man, Santa Fe, Silver City, Apache Creek, New Mexico, Use Back Key to Return

H. F. Young, Bugler, CCCMan, Unknown Camp and Company (new 11/29/04)

Arthur T. Youwer, CCC Man, Company 697, Camp P-202, Camp Wilark & Camp S-220, Corvallis, Oregon & Camp GP-9, Glacier National Park, Belton, Montana & Company 1661, Camp F-15, Harrieta, Michigan (new 3/14/01)

Horace S. Zimmerman, Col (Lt. then), Camp Commander, Camp Benning, NP-7, D.C. and Camp near Whitehall, MA

Joseph Zugeber, CCCMan, Las Vegas, New Mexico (new 8/18/00)

Memorial Listings

The Following are CCC members whose passing was noted from printed or online materials. For purposes of privacy, references to survivors are omitted. Suffice it to say that these men generally lived full family lives and were survived by spouses, children, grand children and great grand children.

Elvin Bean, 74, died January 17, 1997 at the Talihina Veterans Center. he was born May 2, 1923 at Lebanon, Okla. where he lived most of his life. As a youth he worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps in Ardmore,Oklahoma from October 1939 to June 1941. he served with the U.S. Army during 1945 as a surgical technician, serving in England, France, Czechoslovakia, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. During this time, he received the Good Conduct Medal, Silver Star, Purple Heart, EAME Service Ribbon, and the Silver Service Star. He married Bouneva COLSON December 24, 1947 at Gainesville, Texas. She preceded him in death on February 20, 1980. He was a member of the Mannsville United Methodist Church.

Lawrence F. Bennett, passed Thursday, Mar 19, 1987, in Seattle. Mr. Bennett was born June 1, 1915, at Elwah. He graduated from Chemawa Indian School in Salem, Oregon and lettered in football, basketball, and baseball. He pursued all three sports following graduation. He had lived in LaPush, Queets and moved back to Port Angeles in 1957. Mr. Bennett had worked as a logger and fisherman and had worked in the Civilian Conservation Corps camps, as a fire watch for the Forest Service and was last employed by the Elwah tribe.

Justin M. Cirrone Sr., 79, OSTERVILLE - Justin M. Cirrone Sr., 79, formerly of NNatick, died Monday in Deerfield Beach, Fla. Mr. Cirrone was born in East Boston and lived in Saugus until moving to Natick in 1959, where he resided until moving to Osterville in 1999 Mr. Cirrone was a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps during World War II. In 1976 he co-founded JC Plumbing Inc., retiring in 1990. He was a member of the Boston Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 12 for more than 40 years. He was also a resident of Deerfield Beach, Fla. (survivors omitted). From the Cape Cod Times, 4/5/01

Mr. Vincent "Vinnie" L. Collinson, 86, of 563 Hawkinson Ave. Galesburg, IL, died at 3:00 AM, Thursday August 10, 2000 at Knox County Nursing Home, Knoxville, IL. Graveside services will be 10:00 AM Monday August 14, 2000 at Wataga Cemetery, Wataga IL, Rev. Jill Vivroux will officiate. There will be no visitation. Memorials may be made to the American Lung Association. He was born on July 22, 1914 in Windmere ND. He married Eleanor Lawver in Galesburg IL. She preceded him in death. He then married Doris Pasco in Galesburg on December 1, 1979. (survivors omitted). He was an operator at Maytag for 30 years retiring in 1979. He also worked on the Suter Farms in the Wataga and Oneida (IL) area. He served his country in the Civilian Conservation Corps in Illinois.

Millard (Jack) Cox, 58, of RD 5 Waynesburg (East View ) died Jan. 6, 1981. Born May 20, 1922, at Rogersville, he was a son of Walter and Bessie Shriver Cox. A life long resident of the Waynesburg area, he was a member of the First Church of the Nazarene of Waynesburg. He was a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps and a veteran of World War II having served with the U.S. Army in the Pacific Theater. During the Korean Conflict, he served with Co.K 110th Infantry, 28th Division. He was a member of the James Farrell Post 330 of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4793. A former employee of the R.G. Johnson Construction Co. he was last employed by the Williamson Shaft Construction Co.

Andrew Jackson Craddock "Jack" Craddock, 74, of Beckley died September 17, 1998. He served in the Civilian Conservation Corps, was a Navy veteran of World War II, serving as a machinist, gunner and navigator, and took part in the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima. He was a heavy-equipment operator for Westmoreland Coal Co. with 30 years' service and a member of UMW, VFW Post 4326, Sophia-Midway, Eagles Aerie 3506, Moose Lodge 1606, Beckley, and Hollywood Missionary Baptist Church.

Richard Burton Diehl, 95, of Pembroke, New Hampshire, on July 14, 1999. B.S. in forestry. From 1933 to 1942, he was a foreman with the Civilian Conservation Corps and worked in Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire on fire prevention and training. He was instrumental in organizing fire districts and special deputy programs and retired as chief of forest fire control in the New Hampshire Division of Resources Development after 30 years of service. From University of Maine Alumni pages.

Alvin Hanson, 87, of Bremerton died June 22, 1999, at Harrison Hospital. He was born May 10, 1912, in Hamar, N.D., to Alfred and Mabel Hanson. He attended school in Hamar, attending military school in the summer during high school and graduating in 1933. He also attended trade school for two years, studying electricity and radio technology. He also spent two years in the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Depression. In 1937 he and his family moved to Wenatchee, where Mr. Hanson worked in the fruit industry and for Wells and Wade Sheet Metal Shop. In 1941, they moved to Bremerton, where Mr. Hanson worked at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and for the Coca-Cola Co. In 1949, he went into partnership, forming the Kitsap Vending Machine Co. The business was sold in 1969 to Interstate Vending Company of California. Mr. Hanson worked for that company in California until 1976, retiring to Bremerton.

Olis S. Hess, Ponca City resident, died Monday afternoon Nov. 8, 1999, at the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. He was 79. Born March 16, 1920, in Timbo, Ark., he was the son of Albert A. and Mamie I. Hess. He received his education in the Timbo area schools. As a young man, he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps and was stationed in Iowa. He worked as a truck driver. He served in the U.S. Army from March of 1942 to October 1943. He worked for the Keystone Steel and Wire Co. in Peoria, Ill., for over 25 years. Surviving are his wife, Claudine Hess of the home; one sister, Savannah Altman of Ponca City; and several nieces and nephews. From the Ponca City News, 11/10/99

Darwin Allen Johnson, 86, of 72 Shipton St., Mifflinburg, died March 9, 2001, at the James VanZandt Veterans Administration Hospital, Altoona. Born Dec. 1, 1914, in Thompsontown, Juniata County, he was a son of the late Ernest David and Grayce Anna (Allen) Johnson, (survivors omitted). He was a United States Army veteran of World War II, having enlisted on May 15, 1934. He retired after 32 years on Aug. 31, 1966, as a lieutenant colonel serving last at Travis Air Force Base, and having served in the Strategic Air Command's Fifth Bombardment Wing. He was decorated several times and his awards included: Bronze Star, Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation with two Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters; Good Conduct medal; Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal; American Campaign Medal; European-African Middle East Campaign Medal with six combat stars; World War II Victory medal; Army of Occupation (Germany) medal; National Defense medal and the Air Force Longevity Medal with one silver and two bronze Oak Leaf Clusters. He served 1934-1937 in Panama; in England, France and Germany during World War II; and at Eniwetok with the Atomic Energy Commission's overseas task force in 1951. He was a 1932 graduate of the Hartley Township, Union County High School, and served for one year in the Civilian Conservation Corps. He attended state and city colleges in Sacramento, and also took courses at Vallejo Junior College in California.  He was a Lutheran by faith. He was a member of the Thomas H. Clapham Post No. 410 American Legion Post, Mifflinburg; Yoder-Zimmerman Post No. 1964 Veterans of Foreign Wars, Mifflinburg and Fairfield Benevolent Protective Order of Elks Lodge No. 1976, Suisun City, Calif. He was a life member of the Gatun Lodge Free and Accepted Masons, Balboa, Panama; the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry of the Valley of Danville; the Ben Ali Temple AAONMS, Sacramento, Calif.; the Fairfield Kiwanis Club; the Air Force Sergeants Association; American Association of Retired Persons, Loyal Order of Moose Lodge No. 861, Fairfield, Calif. and a 50-year member of the Montezuma Shrine Club, Vacaville, Calif. From the Sentinal, Lewistown, PA

James Monk, was a member of Co. 349, Big Stone Gap, VA, according to an embroidered CCC souvenir pillow bearing his name and company.

Lawrence McDermitt, 87, of Nitro died March 27, 2000. He was a retired frozen foods manager from Kroger Co., St. Albans, a graduate of Point Pleasant High School, a former member of the Civilian Conservation Corps, a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Charleston, and a Protestant.

Evan W. Penry, 85, of Chillicothe, formerly of Delaware, passed away February 2000. Born July 6, 1914, he retired from Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #189 and lived the last 35 years in Chillicothe. Member of the Grand Council Royal and Select Masons of Ohio #84. 53 year member Humboldt Lodge #476- Gahanna, Royal Arch Masons of Ohio #54- Delaware, Knights Templar of Chillicothe #008, Order of Eastern Star Chapter #504- Delaware, U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps.

Robert H. Sockey, Choctaw Robert H. Sockey (Bob Sockey), passed away January 3, 1989 near Bokoshe at the age of 73. He was born March 9, 1915 at Bokoshe, Oklahoma. He attended grade school at the Jones Academy Indian School, Hartshorne, Oklahoma. He attended High School at Panama, Oklahoma for two years before joining the Civilian Conservation Corps, Indian Division Five Civilized Tribes at Bull Hollow Camp, Oklahoma. He served with Company I of the 180th Infantry Regiment, 45th Division during World War II. He was very active in community affairs.

John H. "Jack" Thompson, 83, of Belfair died Aug. 3, 1999, at Northwoods Lodge in Silverdale. He was born June 10, 1916, in Gordon, Neb., to William and Dellrue (Jordan) Thompson. He was raised in Nebraska. (survivors omitted). Mr. Thompson joined the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933 in Pierre, S.D. He came to Washington in 1941, and worked for the Bremerton Police Department. He was a carpenter by trade and later worked at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for many years before retiring. He was a member of Belfair Community Baptist Church and was one of the first volunteer firefighters in Belfair. He also was a 47-year member and honorary past master of the Union City Masonic Lodge 27 in Valley Junction.

Emmet William Vandenberg, Little Chute, WI, Died at his home on Saturday, December 9, 2000. Son of William and Mary Ann (Garvey) Vandenberg, he was born on August 31, 1920, in Freedom. Emmet married Mary Ann Weyenberg on November 20, 1946. As a young man he helped to support his family by working for the Civilian Conservation Corps. After marriage he and Mary Ann owned and operated a grocery store. Later, Emmet became a switchman for the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad. In his fifteenth year, a serious work injury necessitated his departure from railroad labor into an entrepreneurial venture; he and Mary Ann built, owned and operated Village Lanes. During the course of his working life, he became a member of the Little Chute School Board, a driver for Meals-on-Wheels, and was honored by Plamann School for his exceptional generosity to the special children there. (survivors omitted). A man of unfailing generosity and kindheartedness, Emmet was a loving father and caretaker for family members and friends in need. Since the 1930s, he was an avid Packer fan and season ticket holder. He enjoyed his horses and hobby farm. He always loved shooting the breeze and having a beer with his buddies. He was a hospitable and entertaining man who could tell great stories out of his amazingly detailed memory. He is loved and will be greatly missed. From the Post Crescent

Joseph Billips Wiles, 81, of Rustburg, passed Friday, July 23, 1999 in Lynchburg. Joseph (J.B.) Wiles was born Dec. 1, 1917 in Seneca to the late Harriet Poindexter Wiles and Thomas Alfred Wiles. (survivors omitted). J.B. joined the Civilian Conservation Corps when he was 16 and returned to graduate from Gladys High School. In 1942 he joined the Navy and served as a SeeBee in the pacific theater during World War II. J.B. has worked as a cost estimator in the space and nuclear industries at Cape Canaveral, Fla. and Jackass Flats, Nevada. J.B. throughout his life, was an intelligent and interesting man. From his youth in Lynchburg, where he earned the nickname of “Red” Wiles, to his retirement at the age of 77, he exerted a powerful influence on those who had the privilege of knowing him. J.B. was a man who loved and was loved by many. He will be sorely missed.




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