The following are books which pertain in some way to the CCCs.

Thirty Dollars A Day, One Day A Month: Volume I by John Kenneth Justin, Paperback/Kindle - 400 pages. Select stories from this site. Amazon.Com.

Thirty Dollars A Day, One Day A Month: Volume II by John Kenneth Justin, Paperback/Kindle - 400 pages. Select stories from this site. Amazon.Com.

Thirty Dollars A Day, One Day A Month: Volume III-VI by John Kenneth Justin, Coming Soon

The African-American Experience in the Civilian Conservation Corps by Olen Cole, Olen Cole Jr, Hardcover - 192 pages (May 1999) University Press oof Florida; ISBN: 0813016606 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.60 x 9.33 x 6.26, available for $13.50 from Amazon.Com.

Official Annual - 1936, Civilian Conservation Corps, District No.2 Third Corps Area, U.S.A. Published by Direct Advertising Company of Baton Rouge LA. Printer was Ramires-Jones Printing Co. Baton Rouge, Engraving by Shreveport Engraving Co 400 marshal st. phone 4903 PO Box 1736 Shreveport LA, Publish Date 11/36, SoftCover -- A yearbook for CCC men in Pennsylvania, probably highly limited printing and distribution.  Has all 2nd District, Third Corps camps of 1936 with rosters and photos (Includes portions of PA and MD).

THE CCC, 1933-1942, John A. Salmond, Duke, 1967, No info but was reccomended.

The CCC A Humanitarian Endeavor during the Great Depression. Howard L. Lange M.D., 1984. He was the camp doctor for a Camp in the Missouri Ozarks in 1933, thids book is about his experiences. This is a 170 page book published by Vantage Press Inc. 516 West 34th St, New York, NY 10001 ISBN:533-05751-5 Library of Congress Catalog Card No 83-90243

The C.C.C. Camps in West Virginia: 1933 - 1942, Milton Harr, 2nd Ed. 1997. It lists all the CCC camps in West Virginia.

Civilian Conservation Corps (The Way We Remember It) by C. Nolte, Hardcover, Published by Turner Pub Co Publication date: January 1997 ISBN: 1563110067-- collection of stories from (in their own words!) of over 750 former corpsmembers 50 years after. Available for 29.95 from Amazon.Com.

The Forgotten Men, The Civilian Conservation Corps, The CCC - its origin, growth, achievements and demise. Exposition Press, Smithtown, New York. By Robert Allen Ermentrout. First Edition 1982 ISBN 0-682-49805-X

Gold Medal CCC Company 1538: A Documentary by Kathy Mays Smith is the most in depth history of any CCC camp. It has been referred to as the definitive volume of the CCC, textbook history of the CCC, and case history of the CCC. This book traces CCC Company 1538 from its birth in conditioning camp to its closure and beyond. It gives background of the CCC and the Army 1933 - 1942 and the great impact it had on training of men who served in World War II. It contains 347 photos, 100+ documents on photographic quality pages, input from many enrollees and families who served there, camp clerks' diary entries, and much more. Autographed copies may be obtained from the author at <kmswrsj@earthlink.net> The price is $39.95 + $6.00 shipping and handling. Texas residents add $3.30 tax.

Guided With a Steady Hand: The Cultural Landscape of a Rural Texas Park. Placing the Mother Neff State Park in its historical, cultural, and Political milieu, Dan Utley and Jim Steely tell a compelling Story of how people decided a particular tract of rural farmland was worthy of preservation as a place of refuge and recreation for the public. In doing so, the authors provide a microcosmic look at the Civilian Conservation Corps and its work in Texas. The story of Mother Neff State Park is one of chautauquas, weekend dances, Mother’s Day Celebrations, and religious revivals. Yet it is also one of the Great Depression, the young men and leaders of the Civilian Conservation Corps, and of war and its impact on even a simple little park in Central Texas. Drawing from oral histories and extensive archival records including correspondence, CCC camp newspapers, historical photographs, vintage drawings, and archaeological surveys, Utley and Steely tell the unique story of a New Deal-era park and grand vision of a governor who was also the park’s donor, benefactor, and promoter. The book can be ordered from : http://www.tamu.edu/upress/books/1998/utley.htm

Letters to Rodney: A Story of a Young Man's Experience in the Civilian Conservation Corps by Eileen Slifer Sunstrom,  "Letters to Rodney" is a true life narrative of a young man who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The narrative contains illustrations from his personal life as well as historical events, and is worked around actual letters written by his father to Rodney after he left home. This narrative story was written and illustrated by the daughter of the main character, Rodney, as a tribute to her father and his family and for educational purposes. Recommended grades 6th through 12th available in paperback or kindle from Amazon.Com.

In the Shadow of the Mountain : The Spirit of the CCC by Edwin G. Hill,  Paperback - 208 pages (October 1990) Washington State Univ Pr; ISBN: 0874220734 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.52 x 8.95 x 6.02. A Review says, An excellent job of weaving the personal narratives of the "We Can Take It" boys with the potentially dry historical subject of the Civilian Conservation Corps. Not only do I now understand how the boys lived, what they did, how they felt, etc., but also how, why, and when the program began. It's a rich part of our history and one that each generation should know about. This is a book each family needs to include in their family library! available for $13.50 from Amazon.Com.

Tennessee's New Deal Landscape. In the book, the author, Carroll Van West, examines over 250 historic sites created from 1933 to 1942: courthouses, post offices, community buildings, schools, and museums, along with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Cherokee National Forest, and the dams and reservoirs of the Tennessee Valley Authority. He describes the signigicance and impact of each project and provides maps to guide readers to the sites described. West also discusses architectural styles that are often difficult to identify, and his lively narrative points out some of the paradoxes of New Deal projects. The University of Tennessee Press maintains a site on the World Wide Web that includes a complete listing of our books in print, descriptions of recent publications, general information about the Press, marketing and publicity information, guidelines for prospective authors, and ordering information. Please visit us at the following address: http://sunsite.utk.edu/utpress.

Tennessee's New Deal Landscape. With Picks, Shovels & Hope: The CCC and Its Legacy on the Colorado Plateau, by Wayne K. Hinton with Elizabeth A. Green, published by Mountain Press Publishing Company in Missoula, Montana, in cooperation with Peaks, Plateaus & Canyons Association. Released September 2008. Here is a brief synopsis of the book: With Picks, Shovels & Hope: The CCC and Its Legacy on the Colorado Plateau is the story of thousands of young men who were rescued from despair and put to work on public lands in the American Southwest. The high, dry, and lonesome Colorado Plateau is a land of forested mountains and arid deserts, rushing rivers and deep canyons, prehistoric archaeological sites and modern day Indian reservations. The young men who came here from distant cities and farms encountered challenges they could never have imagined in a setting unlike anything they had known. They acquired new skills, learned to believe in themselves, and gained a sense of hope for their future. They built trails in the depths of the Grand Canyon and strung telephone line from one rim to the other. They fought fires amidst Mesa Verde's cliff dwellings. They constructed campgrounds, amphitheaters, visitor centers, museums, back country shelters, bridges, dams, residences, and more. Even today, their legacy remains visible throughout the Colorado Plateau, countless points of pride for the men who worked here and their descendants. Compiled from oral histories, government records, diaries, memoirs and books, With Picks, Shovels & Hope is filled with the stories of those men as well as their accomplishments.




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