The following are Sources of Government records on the CCC's which have come to my attention. If you know of others (or email addresses for ones I only have snail mail for) please share!

C.C.C. Material in the National Park Service History Collection, A listing of CCC resources held by NPS.

Colorado State Archives CCC Collection - Listing of State CCC records plus patch, history and photos (page gone, link to internet archive version

Maryland State Archives Special Collections - Description of Maryland Archives CCC photo collection(page gone, link to internet archive version

National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni, besides their home page, they receive mailed inquiries at NACCCA, Jefferson Barracks, , #16 Hancock Ave., P.O. Box 16429, St. Louis, MO 63125 phone number (314) 487-8666 - They seem to have a wide base of information. They have responded promptly and helpfully, a great volunteer organzation.

National Archives Northeast Region, Boston, Nothing online but Boston office has some material on CCC Camps under the Northeast area of the Fish and Wildlife Department, National Park Service, Forest Service, and the Soil Conservation Service.

National Archives, College Park, Still Photos Section  The repository for films and photographs.  Phone Number 301-713-6625.  They can take three topic requests per month, by mail or phone (probably by email if I can get address, forgot to ask). They then will search for photos on topic and will tell you what they find. You can then order copies from private firm (they give you flyers to choose from). Search takes 4-6 weeks. Very Nice People Here. Requests can be sent by email to stillpix@nara.gov

National Archives, College Park, Written Materials Section The National Archives has moved Record Group 35, Records of the CCC, to Archives II in College Park, Maryland. So anyone looking for camp inspection reports will have to go there instead of Washington, where they were previously. Records of the National Park Service (RG 79) are there now too, and I assume other the records of the other federal agencies associated with the CCC, though I can't say for sure since I am only looking for a company working with the NPS. In RG 79 there is an entry 42 which has narrative reports of CCC activities at the various camps; these only go to 1935, unfortunately, and describe what was done to the park rather than discuss the CCC people involved. Nevertheless they are worthwhile to look at.  They also have administrative records, such as inspection reports which give idea what camp did et cetera. With camp identity I got a very quick call back telling how many pages and what cost would be to order same.  You may then mail in an order form (sent to you at your request) with payment to obtain copies. Also Click Here for directions on how to search for CCC Documents to order via an Online Search of Archive.

National Personnel Records Center  111 Winnebago Street, St. Louis, MO 63118 - email address center@cpr.nara.gov They have all personnel files for all government employees, including CCC men. Be as specific and informative as possible when asking for records (what branch, full name, dates, any id numbers et cetera). Click here for more. My request with name and approximate place and time of service got me enlistment, service record and discharge summary within a short period of time and, get this, for free.  Excellent service.

National Military Records Facility 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132 - E-mail Address center@stlouis.nara.gov No CCC records other than the Army Staff, this center has all military record files for servicemen.  Click here for more.  I havn't used this yet, but my email has been answered very very quickly.

Please Note, The above government units just make me want to say, wow I guess paying taxes does have a purpose.  These people really provide a service and provide it well and pleasantly.  Hats Off.  I wonder if we can get em to teach the IRS (actually they have been okay lately too).

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission site indicating the existence of 5 CCC related photos in their collection

Shenandoah National Park - englereed@email.msn.com - had the first CCC camps in the NPS and continues to have the longest running CCC alumni reunion in the country, we have a huge CCC collection in our archives and are putting together a new book on the CCC which should be published in June.

South Carolina Archives and History Center - which includes a CCC exhibit

Library of Virginia Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Newspapers page, with Title List of the Camp Newspapers in their Collection with microfiche information.

U.S. Forest Service Headquarters History Collection, An Online listing of all documents in the collection from which copies may be ordered. For general information supplied to me on how to order, click here.




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