The following links are to pages, not maintained by the Museum Curator, which pertain in some way to the CCCs.  Use them at your leisure, however you will have to use your Back button on your browser to return to this page.

Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Papers A Search Engine for a microfilm database of Newspapers and newsletters published by members of the Civilian Conservation Corps, c. 1934 - 1942. The database contains over 5,000 titles, the entire collection has been filmed. The search engine alone will tell you much about CCC companies, searching by name of city will tell you what companies were there, company number will tell you where the company was and to some extent when.  You can also order (buy) microfiche of the newsletters so you can take them to library and read or copy. I found newsletters from both of my Dad's camps.  Check it out.  A Page from the CRL Database, Use Back Key to Return.

The African American Experience in the CCCs Book related website

Allegheny National Forest and area State Parks, Parker Dam State Park, with some information on CCC contribution and a CCC visitor center at Parke State park

American Forests Article, 1933 article on the CCCs

Camp Roosevelt, Lee Ranger District, Virginia, webpage with some history of first CCC Camp

C.C.C. in Big Bend National Park, Texas, A brief discussion of CCC on Park's pages

C.C.C. Material in the National Park Service History Collection, A listing of CCC resources held by NPS. Link went bad, now goes to Internet Archive record of that site.

The Civilian Conservation Corps and The National Park Service, A history of the CCC and the National Park Service, including an Appendix and Bibliography of CCC resources.

CCC work at Vicksburg National Park, Bad Link a brief discussion of CCC soil conservation work

Civilian Conservation Corps Brief CCC History with some quotes

Civilian Conservation Corps CCC History

Civilian Conservation Corps (Bad Link) Brief CCC History

Civilian Conservation Corps,  (Bad Link) Very Brief CCC History by fifth graders

The Civilian Conservation Corps at Loy Lake Park, nea Denison, Texas (Bad Link) history of CCC project text from a marker

Civilian Conservation Corps, Wesley Samuel Oden,  A CCC History about Arkansas veteran with and photos ( mirror site )

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection of Kirby S. Gunter, Company 3734 Company 3737, Lynchburg Missouri, Listing of documents held by University of Missouri - Rolla

South Carolina, Clarendon County, Page, & Sumter County, Civilian Conservation Corps Information including some original documents and a listing of men who joined from those areas

Colorado State Archives CCC Collection - Listing of State CCC records plus patch, history and photos

Company 3237, Camp Mill Creek, DG-18, Battle Mountain, Nevada, Frank Clancy, history of site with photos by family member

Jim Cozzi's Report on the CCCs, Very Brief history

CCC In Death Valley, National Park Service Page

CCC Company 734 History in Deer Run, Grandin Missouri site with some CCC history

Cuivre River State Park, Missouri, with CCC contributions of Coys. 787 and 3771

Denver Mountain Parks and the Civilian Conservation Corps, Brief history of CCC Service

Desoto State Park A Page Showing CCC Photos regarding an Alabama State Park.

Dominick Gadamowitz  CCC Man, Battle Mountain, Nevada, Brief Annotated and Illustrated Oral History

Encarta Online Encyclopedia CCC Entry

FDR State Park - In Warm Springs Georgia, this park features many CCC constructed areas

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Brief Bio of FDR with reference to CCCs

Funk and Wagnall online Encylodpedia CCC Entry

CCC in Georgia, an Article about the CCCs in Georgia with listing of camps

CCC Museum at Greyling MI  In North Higgins Lake State Park, page of a CCC museum with events & alumni gatherings, History of CCC in Michigan

Gull Point State Park - Milford, Iowa developed by CCC men with some photos of structures built

Hempstead Plains, New York CCC Camp Number Three, Photo and history of Camp near the grounds of Mitchell Field

Icicle Creek Music Center, Possibly a Bad Link Former Camp Icicle, Leavenworth Washington

In the Shadow of the Trees CCC Novel website with historical photos

Indian Lodge - In Davis Mountains State Park Fort Davis Texas, the lodge was built by CCC men (repeated here)

Indians Guard Station - A restored historic building in Los Padres National Forest California which was involved with CCCs

Jones Archeological Museum Bad Link - Formerly Mound State Monument and built by the CCCs in 1939, Moundville Alabama.

Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge, with some listing of the CCC work at this site in Moffit, North Dakota

Maine Legislation to erect CCC Memorial, text of statute

Maryland State Archives Special Collections - Description of Maryland Archives CCC photo collection

Medical Department US Army history, history with some brief references to CCCs

Camp Forgotten: The CCC in Michigan ( a film ), a magazine with brief article on CCC documentary ( other site with info on same film )

Michigan CCCs, Brief history of the CCCs with emphasis on Michigan

Minnesota Conservation Corps, modern CCC like organization home page

Mont Mansfield Hostel, a Stowe, Vermont operation using an original CCC barrack and run by a modern Conservation Group

Morrison Heritage Museum - Museum in city of Morrison Colorado which was the site of a 100 man CCC camp 1937-1941 which still stands

National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni, besides their home page, they receive mailed inquiries at NACCCA, Jefferson Barracks, , #16 Hancock Ave., P.O. Box 16429, St. Louis, MO 63125 phone number (314) 487-8666 - They seem to have a wide base of information

N.E. States Civilian Conservation Corps. Museum a page on a real world CCC Museum in Stafford Springs, housed in former Camp Conners, Windsor Locks, Conn, home to Company 1192, and run by NACCCA Chapter 170.  (click here for more details)

New Deal Network Library - Another history of the New Deal with photos

New York State Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, Located in Gilbert Lake State Park, the site of CCC Camp SP-11, Company 212.

North Carolina Job Corps Centers - Mail addresses which include several places called Civilian Conservation Corps Centers.  I do not know if these are prior CCC sites, or the name is used without real CCC relevance.  Let me know if you find out.

Oregon Caves National Monument, history of site with CCC contributions

Purple Mountains Majesty - Website of a documentary about the famous Thunderbolt Ski Trail on Mt. Greylock near Adams, Mass and which was built by men of a CCC Company 107 (?).

Ravenna Nebraska Marker  Text of Historic marker near Ravenna Nebraska regarding Coys. 2741 and 2732, 1934-1939 which then moved to Broken Bow.

Seatle Times Centennial Site - Photo with Caption about Camp in St Andrews Creek Ranier National Park Washington

Shadows In The Trees  A Page Selling a CCC Novel with Photos too

Shenandoah Chapter of the Civilian Conservation Corps - A page of a large CCC Alumni Chapter which has been holding reunions since 1934 in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Shelly Gupta's CCC History - A page in a New Deal History with a description of the CCC with some pictures

CCCs in Southeastern Utah,  with Oral History and more

Vernal, Utah, Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Records (Ms 512) Description of items about one camp in an Archive

Virginia State Parks, Pocahantas State Park, CCC Museum, Chesterfield, VA

Willard Stromberg recalls Civilian Conservation Corps experiences CCC Veterans story

The Civilian Conservation Corps in South Carolina, with photos

South Carolina Resolution, Assembly Resolution Honoring the CCCs

Texas State Parks and the CCCs List of parks worked on by CCCs with history and photos

Thetford Hill State Park - Thetford, Vermont, a Park built by CCC men

Vermont, the Civilian Conservation Corps In,  State related CCC history

Washington State Parks, History of the CCCs  Short history of the CCCs


Eastern Conneticut State University CCC Link Page



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