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Civlian Conservation Corps Stories and Photographs

     This page is a series of links to stories about the Civilian Conservation Corps.  The Civilian Conservation Corps was an organization formed in the 1930's by Franklin Delano Roosevelt as part of his New Deal to eleviate some of the effects of the Great Depression.  CCCmen built roads, cleared brush, drained wetlands, built buildings and bridges and otherwise cleared and developed wild lands for use by the public both for development and for use as parklands. Hundreds of thousands of young men as well as World War I veterans, gained skills, discipline and experience as well as money in this great organization which was in existance from 1933 till mid World War II.

     The Stories below are broken down into true stories, anecdotes, stories whose truthfulness is uncertain or which are untrue but which were told in the CCCs and jokes and songs and photographs from the CCC era.  Also personal histories are included which may in some cases contain contact information.  If you have any such stories to submit please email me below. Please note that the links below lead to pages of a sister site, James F. Justin Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, but have links back to this site as well. Thank you and enjoy.  





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