Civilian Conservation Corps Work

     The CCC's were above all else a group dedicated to the application of manual labor to benefit the public good.  But how that labor would benefit the good was very diverse.  Although the core of the CCC experience was fairly universal, from day break in the barracks to the truck ride to the field to lights out under military discipline, the actual hours of labor and the type of labor varied greatly from camp to camp.

    The work of a CCC camp was determined by the Department or Service of the Federal Government to which the camp was assigned.  That service or department would have a project which would be served by the men of one or more camps.  These various projects were diverse yet many shared similar works.  

    The men who ran the CCC labor were called Technical Services.  They were the foreman and techincal advisors who laid out the projects supplied them, and trained and supervised the CCC Enrollees in the actual labor.  These Technical Advisors would be employed by the Service or Department which ran the camp, and would be Federal Employees of that Service.  These men, were as essential to the CCC achievements as the CCC boys or the Army staff. Without them, the CCCs would not have accomplished the great works for which they are now known and honored.

    This page will try to tell the story of the Techinical Services, each Service or Department, and its role in the life of the CCC men who worked for it. The work they did, as much as can be generalized will also be described. Finally, where possible, the modern day effect of this work will be explained.

    This page is new and being made really before I have all the material to make it up.  More will come, especially if you have something to share and send it along.  Enjoy what I have and check back for more.

Technical Services, Role of Federal Departments and Bureaus from the CCC Enrollees Handbook circa 1940

Soil Conservation Service Camps, The role of the SCS pertaining to the CCCs and the work of the Soil Conservation Camps ( Code SCS ) in the Civilian Conservation Corps

The Skiing Legacy of the CCC, by David Goodman, Ski Magazine


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