Company 1318

Camp Road, Snow HIll, MD

       I had the pleasure today of accompanying a friend to the remains of what I believe was Company 1318, located on Camp Road, SE of Snow HIll, MD. I am not 100 percent sure, because he said there was another one several miles away, lying perhaps 4 miles south of Snow HIll.

       Anyway, in looking around, we found four concrete foundations with concrete floors arranged in a square. The buildings on the west were the mirror image of those on the east. We also found what we believe were the concrete blocks that supported the water tower, and four parallel concrete slabs that I think might have held the generator. Across Camp Road was the foundation of what we believe was the garage or shop. We also found a brick incinerator or something, that seems to have been plumbed to heat water and what appears to be either a cesspool or septic tank or something, although it appears small and I didnt see any input or output plumbing. We were unable to locate the foundations of the housing quarters.

       I would very much like to obtain a scan of blue prints showing a typical camp laid out in this configuration. There is another camp nearby and to the best of my knowledge, it was not laid out with the four buildings as described above. (My best guess is that they were orderly rooms or admin buildings with a small bedroom inside, as there appears to be a shower stall delineated on the floor.

----- Submitted by J. Somers