Biography of Norman N. Len

CCC Man, Company 2530, Camp DG-35, Milford, Utah

          My Grandad Norman N. Len, CC5-184316, Served with Company 2530, Camp DG-35, Milford, Utah 1936.  He was a skinny, 16-year old kid from Perrysburg, Ohio who ran away with his best buddy and enrolled in the CCC in the county seat of Bowling Green on April 11, 1936. Like many, he lied about his age to get in. Whether he went for the money or the adventure, he never said. But he talked about the wonders a Ohio boy encountered during his trip out west years later to his grandkids; Riding the rails, the desert, chicory coffee, new friends.....if he didn't enroll for the adventure, he sure got it. The razor he got as part of his initial issue (and surely didn't need at the time) he used until the day he died 60 years later. Though there couldn't have been much glory in being a "Laboror, pick and shovel", he did the job "Satisfactorily" and talked of it with pride when passing on his stories. Norman didn't spend a long time in the C's....3 months before Mom found out where he was and sent a letter to the Commanding Officer demanding his return...but lessons learned and pride earned in the CCC were far out of proportion to the actual time spent with a shovel in hand. One look at the picture of him taken in Utah shows the growth from boy to man.....thanks to the C's.

     I have been trying for some time to obtain a company photo of Co. 2530 from this timeframe, or other photos of the camp in Milford. I know that a photographer visited the camp in either April, May, or June of 1936 as I have that portrait of my Grandad done at that time. Anyone who might either have photos or other memorabilia from Co. 2530, or knows someone who does, I'd love to hear from you.

----- The Len Family

A Response

I was just searching for information on my home town and found your picture listed above. I do not know Mr Len, but I have been effected by his work. When I was a child, my father explained to me where the cement dams came from in the Mineral mountains above Milford. I did not understand what the CCC was for until we studied it in High School, but I always knew that they had created the dams in the mountains where I liked to play and hunt. I enjoyed many mountain excersions with my father and friends to the CCC dams, in which we took a swim. Not much of a story but It was neat to see Milford was once a CCC camp. ----- S. Bacon


Norman N. Len, 1936, Company 2530, Camp DG-35, Milford, Utah



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