Biography of Lawrence Martin

CCC Man, Rutland, Vermont

Major, USAF

     I went into the CCC upon graduation from Boston English High School, Boston. Massachusetts in l939. As I never had been up in the "country" before, as an inner-city kid, seeing the Rutland, Vermont countryside with mountains, streams, and with various forms of wildlife, seemed almost unreal.

     I was assigned a "buggo crew." This was done to exterminate the Gypsy Moth. When I saw one I yelled "buggo" and the one who was the climber would paint it with some type of creasote.

     Subsequently, I was on a road building crew, a tougher job I'll never have. I was on that until I was discharged.

       I learned to type (although you'd never believe it now), through a night school. I also did some working - some of that I do today.

      There was the company commander - I don't remember the company - and there was a real tough guy about whom you'd never cross. I made some friends, some of whom I carried into the Army.

       I got $5.00 a month and the rest of was sent to my parents. My father was a fishermen and they really needed the money. It was a good job and it came in the nick of time because because I could not find and my parents could not afford to send me to college.

       I retired as a Major in the air force and currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas.

Very truly yours

----- Lawrence Martin

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